Andrew Plock

Andrew Plock

Andrew Plock is a Fort Worth-born, Dallas-residing, actor and improvisor who calls Dallas Comedy House his home on an almost nightly basis. Also, no one calls him Andrew; everyone around him prefers to use Plock.

Plock caught the bug after getting huge laughs in a 1997 church production of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" and has since chased the white pony of comedy to satisfy his need for applause. That path eventually led him to train and perform improv at DCH and across many different stages, including the Orange County Improv Festival, Improv Festival Oklahoma, and the Dallas Comedy Festival. 

You can also catch him in numerous sketch productions, with his previous performances in 2016, and his run as Donald Trump in the show "Trump'd: The Musical," garnering him awards(2016 DCH Best Male Performer and Best Sketch Show) from his peers.

Plock has also written, acted in and directed a smattering of short films, as well as done voiceover work dubbing international shorts into English.

Always looking for the next challenge, he seeks to get his high school sweetheart, and now wife, to think that he's the funniest person she knows. Plock finds pure joy in performing and presenting characters to the world, and desires to be entertainer, in some definition of the word, the rest of his days.

Andrew currently performs with The 1995 Chicago Bulls(2016 DCH Best Troupe), Empty InsidePrimary Colours and Summer Girls.