If you have found yourself at this page, then I am only assuming you do not know what Block Party is, which is a tragic shame, which is a redundant way of saying “tragedy." Block Party is a monthly, hour-long variety show consisting of improv, sketch, stand-up, or anything in-between! Walking into this no-admission (that’s right, free!) show guarantees you a grab-bag of chuckles and maybe a “huh?” or two. This show has been running for years at Dallas Comedy House and it’s all thanks to everyone who has submitted anything, ever. See acts you’ve never seen before and will never see again! But where do these acts come from? You. That’s right. You! Any act, any idea, any troupe, any person, of any skill-level, can submit whatever they are working on or want to perform! The only requirement is to keep the act under 10 minutes! That’s it!  

Block Party happens the last Wednesday of every month, so please! Show up! Have a few guffaws and goofs! Do yourself a favor! See you there!

To submit for the show please e-mail Blockpartydch@gmail.com with the following:

  1. Your name

  2. The name of your act and the people in it

  3. Description of your act

  4. Any tech (lights and sound) needs

The show is first come first served, so make sure to send in those submissions in advance!