Follow Your Feet by Evey McKellar

Follow Your Feet by Evey McKellar

Editing is a crucial tool for a lively and energetic improv show: the well-timed edit secures a joke in infamy; the strong edit leaves the audience at the height of their laughter, thirsty for more.

When we first learn editing in improv, our instincts are brand new. As we practice and progress, a phenomenon occurs. Watching our teammates play out their scenes, our feet begin to communicate their own message. Our teachers encourage us: follow your feet. They seem to have a wisdom of their own; we lurch forward as if about to fall off a ledge. Coming up to our toes and then back down to our heels, something within us had an idea, something within us felt that the scene could end here; together we found a height of connection and comedy.

Interns of the Weeks: Ella Hedger and Chandler Pennington!

Raye Maddox here, Intern Manager, here with another exciting and gut-wrenching set of interviews for the latest edition of “Interns of the Weeks!”. This is the space I used to celebrate and focus on members of our lovely House Crews here at Dallas Comedy House. Every week House Managers nominate fine folk for this prestigious position, which nets them show tickets, bar tabs, and MORE, LIKE THIS. Let’s hop into a Question and Answer and question the past two week’s Intern of the Week for answers: Ella Hedger and Chandler Pennington!

Introducing The Casts Of The Newest Ewing Teams: Fern & Mahogany

Dallas Comedy House is proud to announce the latest additions to the house improv team program!

November 1st will see the debut of the Ewing teams: Fern and Mahogany. Every two months, the Ewing program brings together experienced students and veteran performers to create improv teams that perform each Thursday night at 9:30 pm. The current house Ewing team, Razzmatazz, can be seen weekly at this time through the end of October.

Performer Of The Month: Devon Kodzis

Each month, Dallas Comedy House highlights an individual nominated by their peers as Performer Of The Month. To cast your vote for a performer, simply fill out this form.

The recipient this month is Devon Kodzis, an electric storyteller and all around awesome person. Whether speaking in front of a packed house or just having a conversation someone, Devon is able to completely engage an audience. Behind the scenes, Devon works tirelessly as a storytelling instructor and as one of the producers on Gettin’ It to help others fall in love with the craft.