New Troupe/Old Troupe: Glistlefoot and Glitter Pickle

My favorite part of this week’s column – besides the fact that it’s a hilarious newer troupe touching brains with one of the most gut-busting mainstay troupes – is the serendipity of the names.  If I was only allowed to only to write about troupes whose names start with “GLI,” I’d still be covered!

Glitter Pickle puts on a great, zany show, and you should make plans to see them ASAP. They are composed of Allison Emery, Shana Fields, Susan Baethge, and Jodi Swindle, and describe themselves – accurately – as "four crazy ladies, who aren’t afraid to embarrass themselves or each other."

Glistlefoot?  Well, even if you haven’t seen there shows, you’ve probably seen their stickers around DCH. They lead the league in producing those kinds of laughs where you can’t breathe for a few seconds. They are Rich Graham, Dillon Landrum, Michael Bruner, Emily Ball, Amy McGiffin, Darcy Armstrong, and Corey Whaley. Take note of those names and their initials, they will be important in a minute.

Onto the questions and answers!

Scoop on Sketch: Walker Sky

It was 103 degree and hotsy flotsy as Blitsy made her way down Main Street to Dallas Comedy House. She was on her way to interview Walker Sky, a real up and witty group of swanky doozles. The doozles being, Nick Scott, Brian Harrington, Collin Brown, Frank Buttafarro, Olivia Frasher, and Kim Kline. Blitsy sat on the leather couch in the P-Dogs green room when the real story began:

Blitsy Kittenz: Hey guys! How has everyone’s Walker experience been thus far?

Homecoming Edition: Total Teen Tiger Bop Q&A with Andrew Woods

Everybody said Walmart was completely out of water but your boy found a secret stash.

Everybody said Walmart was completely out of water but your boy found a secret stash.

What was your favorite toy or activity growing up?

Skateboard (still is).

What is a nickname you have had? 

Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

Do you consider yourself a morning person or a night owl?

Morning Owl.

What is something interesting you learned recently? 

If you want to see if your breath smells, you can scrape the back of your tongue with a spoon, wait ten seconds, and then smell it.

What is a skill or subject you would like to study?

I've been trying to learn to play guitar so I can impress dogs at parties.

What do you collect?


 What is your writing process like?

I put vague and typically terrible notes in my phone throughout the day and then try to make sense of them right before open mics. Before a show I'll sit down with a notebook and see if I can find new tags for older jokes or ways to tie jokes together as I arrange a set-list.

Favorite writers, books, or movies?

Writer -Haruki Murakami

Book - Catch-22

Movie- One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Describe an event that made you feel truly inspired.

I performed at a variety show recently and this lady read poetry and not only did it not suck but in fact was really good. It was really vulnerable which I have a hard time being. Oooh am I being vulnerable by saying that?!

Describe an ideal place to do something you enjoy. 

The Alamo Drafthouse is the best place in the world to watch a movie. I'm not getting paid to say that but I'd love some free tickets if they're reading this.

What would you bring to a picnic or potluck? 


Do you have a good luck charm? 

No, which explains a lot actually. 

Favorite animal or pet?

Check my story on Instagram for the answer. @andrewwwwoods

Favorite plant?

I have a cactus named Moana.

When was an instance where you were in the right place at the right time? 

The day before I moved out of Dallas I waited on Tony Romo. We still keep in touch.

 Favorite web series or website? 

"How To Make It In USA" on YouTube.

Andrew Woods returns to Dallas Comedy House for Homecoming Weekend and performs 10pm Friday, September 22 alongside Jaffer Khan, Andrew Youngblood, and Marissa Nieto.

Jamé McCraw is a sketch 1 student and a recent graduate of the DCH improv program. She performs with Watermelon. She spends time archiving mementos in her little old house and always finds time to hold hands with her cat, Stanley.

A Blitsy Interview With Suspect

It was a breezy eve, the kind of eve that was cool enough to enjoy a Pumpkin Spice Latte double shot, extra whip and toot down at the Arboretum. That wasn’t what Blitsy Kittenz had in mind for this Saturday night thought, no, nada, neeha, nope. She planned on cahooting with some Suspects, the writers/actors and director of Suspect: A True Crimedy. Some wig-poppin’, show stoppin’ funny guys and gals by the name of, Sallie Boo Bowen, Bonnie Criss, Jason Hackett, Andrew Plock, Ryan Goldsberry, Jade Smith and Ashley Br-Bright. The interview began in the green room and it also ended in the green room. She entered with the cast already seated then the real story began:

Practicing With Midnight Passion

There are few troupes, in Dallas Comedy House or elsewhere, that have as many tentacles as Midnight Passion. I don’t mean that as in appendages, although between Raye Maddox, Jordan Armstrong, Jeff Garlish, Jessica Roth, Camille Long and Lisa Michalsky, there’s 28 of those (I’m counting legs and arms, but I’m not up to the math of counting fingers and toes and I can’t confirm all troupe members have the default numbers of those).

Amanda Austin Selected For Leadership Dallas Class of 2018

Amanda Austin, Owner and Artistic Director of Dallas Comedy House, has been selected as a member of the Dallas Regional Chamber's Leadership Dallas Class of 2018.

Founded in 1975, Leadership Dallas prepares a diverse group of leaders to serve as agents and sustainers of positive change for the quality of life in the Dallas region. The program serves as a catalytic opportunity for individuals who are both acknowledged and aspiring leaders to continue their professional development and further cultivate a demonstrated commitment to the serving the community.