#2018DCF: Maggie's To-See List

This is my third year working on the festival, and every year I love it more and more. There's such a fantastic energy that week. Meeting comedians from across the country (AND CANADA!), seeing unique and hilarious shows, drinking JELL-O shots until you feed them to festival volunteers out of a bowl using a huge spoon pretending they're baby birds (CC: volunteers from 2016. I'm sorry. I love you.)

This year is no different. 

While I'm pumped to see all of the shows, I've got my eye on a few that I think the entire city of Dallas needs to see. Here are my nightly recs:

Mic Moments: Danny Neely

Stand-up comedy is an art form that is vulnerable, honest and raw, while radiating pure magic-- and a lot of lies, too. It’s so much dang FUN. Personally, I have the utmost respect for stand-up comedians and that’s why I’m writing this spankin’ new blog to interview performers for upcoming Friday Night Stand Up shows at Dallas Comedy House, which you can attend any Friday at 10PM!

My first interview is with the wholesome, humble and hilarious Danny Neely. If you know him, you’re lucky. And if you don’t, just walk up to him. I’m sure he’s totally fine that I’m urging strangers to approach him. Maybe not. Regardless, he’s funny AF (like a universal funny that anyone can vibe with) and he’ll be performing this Friday at 10PM at Dallas Comedy House, so you can walk up to him after the show. He’ll love it.

Interns of the Weeks: Quinn Angell and Ryan Lunt!

Interns of the Weeks: Quinn Angell and Ryan Lunt!

Raye Maddox here, Intern Manager, here to present to you some neat, great, cool, nice, awesome Interns!! One is a newer intern yet has risen to the rank of Thursday Night House Manager quickly, the other is the most solid asset on Saturday Nights! Both have netted a $20 bar tab, four tickets to any show at Dallas Comedy House, and this neat, great, cool, nice, and awesome blog feature! Let’s break it all down and break into Quinn Angell and Ryan Lunt!

#2018DCF: Amy's To-See List

My husband likes to say that we are a “comedy only” family when someone asks him what we watch on television. It’s my fault. I can’t stand dramas or dramedies or anything where I might feel an emotion other than laughter. (If you’re a psychologist, you might want to hit me up. I probably need to unpack something there.) Anyway, all of this is just a roundabout way of saying that I LOVE THE DALLAS COMEDY FESTIVAL.

Here are some of the shows I am excited to watch….

New Troupe/Old Troupe: Middle-Aged Southern Women/STAN

Back when I was a level 1 student – I don’t remember exactly when that was; probably the 80s – our teachers espoused us to watch STAN shows, and with good reason. They are a DCH institution like few other troupes can boast to be, and their shows are “part play, part movie, all fun,” replete with an “improvised soundtrack.” It’s made up of Anthony Bowling, Nick Scott, Shawn Frambach, Tabitha Parker, & Timmy Mayse, and scored by Raye Maddox .

They have a lot of knowledge to share too, and so even experienced improvisers like Kent Wicklander and Houston Hardaway stand to benefit from their knowledge – especially when they are forming a new troupe.

That new troupe is Middle-Aged Southern Women, where Kent and Houston perform a “stream of consciousness monoscene and drink tea as middle-aged southern women.” The guest, in the case of the picture, is Haley Armstrong.