So Good To Be Bad by Michaela McInerney

So Good To Be Bad by Michaela McInerney

Comedy is comedy is comedy. Kind of. Different facets of the comedy community have different rules, but a shared goal. Get the laugh. There’s just something about making someone do a deep belly laugh that feels so. dang. good. Seriously, think back to the last time you made someone chortle. Wasn’t it awesome? Example A: attempting to use the word chortle seriously, in a very (un)serious comedy blog post. We each have our own style, crafted over years from chasing that laugh.

Interns of the Weeks: Josh Schneider and Andy King!

Raye Maddox here, Intern Manager, here to present to you two cool dudes! These guys have been workin’ miracles while in a black staff shirt and you need to be aware of them! It’s URGENT! As per usual, and to everyone’s jealousy, the two intern of the week for the past two weeks have netted themselves four show tickets, a $20 gift card to the DCH bar, and this neato bandito blog feature. Who are these dudes? Well it’s Josh Schneider and Andy King!

Let's Get Busy Tonight: A Very Official, Very Important, Interview

Every two months, the folks at Let’s Get Busy Tonight put on one of the most fun hours of comedy that Dallas has to offer. The cast is made up of veteran improvisers that combine their powers to create a variety show that is unlike anything else that the Dallas Comedy House has to offer. Each installment includes singing, audience interaction and a whole lot of pride.

I chatted with Let’s Get Busy Tonight (Translation: I emailed them and then Scriven, who is very Type A, compiled all the answers) to find out more about this wonderful group of people and the show that they’re so passionate about. Enjoy!

A Band of Besties by Michaela McInerney

Walking into the Dallas Comedy House for the first time, I will admit that I was a little, as the kids say, lit. I was there for a Bearded Buddies Karaoke night. (Which is SUPER fun, by the way, you should go to the next one, just saying.) It was comprised of the soft crooning of Baby Got Back, paired with dance moves that could only be described as both graceful and slightly gyrating, and certainly captivating. There was pizza. There was a full crowd. There was the opportunity for me to rap Bonfire by Childish Gambino to make a fool of myself. Most importantly though, there was an obvious community. People I’d never seen before cheered for me. They cheered for everyone. Being happy to be there was palpable. It felt as though, everyone knew everyone. I would slowly learn this to be true in my own journey at DCH.

Interns of the Weeks: Celeste Perez and Stephanie Ray!

Raye Maddox here, Intern Manager (I’ve been pushing for this position to be retitled to Intern Overseer but Upper Management insists this is “too militaristic and please get out of my car”)! It’s finally February and I am proud to present to you the first two Interns of the Week for 2018! These two women netted themselves a $20 bar tab, four show tickets, and this neato bandito feature on the blog you are now reading! (Heck, you want in on this? Apply to be an intern!)

Practicing With…Mouth Noises

The first thing I want you to understand about Mouth Noises, a musical improv troupe, is that these motherlovers can sing. Even their little warmup where they riffed a little ditty about their day was done with such energy and vocal skill that is was equal to a champion gospel.

The second thing I want you to understand about Mouth Noises, who count Scriven Bernard, Meredith McAllister, Carlos Ayala, Katy Evans, Anna Gould, Colten Winburn, Jordan Justice, Mimi van Amerongen, and Chris Cuan among their number, is they don’t really have a set format. Yet. They might, some day. Or they might twist it up a little each show.