Self-Aware? I Hardly Know Her: A Very Official, Very Important, Interview

Saturday, September 22nd, marks the debut of Self-Aware? I Hardly Know Her. Created by the sketch team One Of Us Is Carol, this revue combines the talents of Maggie Rieth Austin, Sallie Bowen, Ashley Bright, Bonnie Criss, Madison Frihart, Emily Gee, Jonda Robinson, and Jade Smith. Self-Aware? I Hardly Know Her is an hour of comedy filled to the brim with big characters, hilarious physical comedy, and a ton of mustaches.

I sat down (Just kidding, I emailed them, no one talks face to face) with these wonderful comedians to better get a feel for their show.

Interns of the Weeks: Ali Van Fleet and Trunese Wisdom!

Raye Maddox here, Intern Manager, with the First two Interns of the Week for Season 3 of this blog! Big changes are coming to these, so make sure you are TUNED IN AND CAUGHT UP! Let’s start this Season Premiere with a foundational post, letting you reacquaint yourself with the series! And speaking of acquainting oneself: have the acquaintance to meet Ali Van Fleet and Trunese “Tru” Wisdom!

Snippets: Masks by Beth Yankuner

For those of you who haven't experienced a Block Party show at DCH: you're missing out. For one glorious hour each month, the DCH stage becomes an anything-goes arena for experimental comedy. What I love most about Block Party is never really knowing what to expect. With a diverse line-up featuring everything from traditional comedy to the wonderfully weird and wacky, this show is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your padded black theater chair. Want to see a new troupe's debut, or perhaps a live demolition of a cardboard house? Block Party can give you both of those things -- probably in the same show!

You Are Welcome Here by Evey McKellar

You Are Welcome Here by Evey McKellar

I’m so nervous.

It’s my first Student Lottery. The lights come up after our suggestion of Popsicle; I hesitate. My mind is a complete blank for any initiation ideas. I freeze. I have nothing to offer.

Do you remember your middle school cafeteria?

Lunch in hand, I stand for a moment looking out across the tables. This moment may last seconds, but it feels like eternity. Why does it feel so awkward to look out across a room and find a place to sit?

Minimalism and Improv: Two Birds of a Feather?

It’s an ancient practice of self-discipline, yet in our consumer-driven society, it has become trendy again. I’m talking about minimalism – it’s used in design, art and even some folks’ everyday lifestyles. Minimalism could even be used to describe the art form that you and I love - improvisation.

On the surface, they couldn’t be more unrelated. One’s a solitary practice of self-restraint, while the other one is… Well, letting it all loose in front of an audience. I’m honored to explain how the heart of improv shares the same key elements as minimalism.