So That Happened Debuts on WFAA-TV

Dallas Comedy House (DCH) performers, teachers, and alums Sarah Adams and Maggie Rieth Austin recently debuted a new series for WFAA-TV called "So That Happened." It's funny, and you should watch it (click the image above to do so). First, though, let's find out how "So That Happened" happened.

DCH: How did this come about?

Sarah Adams: WFAA held a casting a few months back and reached out to DCH about sending some improvisers to audition. Maggie and I wound up being partnered together, and it was the MOST fun. We found out a few weeks back that WFAA wanted us to be part of this project. The episode that was release on Saturday was the first installment.

DCH: Did you two write it?

SA: Yes we did! We received the topics the producer wanted us cover on Tuesday, October 27. We supplied a draft to the producer Tuesday evening, the script was approved Wednesday, and it was shot Thursday.

DCH: Will there be more?

SA: Yes. From what we understand, the goal of "So That Happened" will be to release weekly videos focusing on the odd news of the week.