Jumping In by Michaela McInerney

Every last Wednesday of the month there’s a free Improv class at the World Famous Dallas Comedy House. Every last Wednesday of the past 6 months, I’ve found a reason not to go. *record scratch* *freeze frame* So I bet you’re wondering how I got here. To the last class of a 2 month long program, looking at performing in my first Improv showcase.

Work. Grocery shopping. Saying I’m going to work out, but laying down ‘for a second’. Laundry. Happy hours. The list of things that you could be doing on a weeknight goes on, and three hours feels like most of the evening. As a 23-going-on-40 sort of yuppie, I have an early bedtime more often than not. Signing up for a class that ends 30-minutes after that bedtime, felt intimidating and frankly, exhausting. I want to move on in my career, so committing to going to bed late seemed counterintuitive. Yet, one text from a best friend saying ”I’m signing up for the Wednesday class”, tossed all of those excuses out the window. Apply a 10% discount for finally making it to the free class (mama still has those non-Wednesday happy hours), and I was a few hundred dollars worth of committed. My friend? Spoke a little too soon and missed out before the class filled up*. Which means I was lucky enough to meet my 13 who also dropped the excuses to try something scarily new.

As an adult, we often avoid being bad at things. I can attest that I do not like looking stupid. Being in classes where I “leave it all outside” (thanks teacher, Rob), has helped immensely in losing that fear. Plot twist: I’m able to bring this into my professional life. I’m a more creative thinker on projects, I’m more invested in developing those office acquaintances into supportive relationships, and I listen more intently to what people are trying to tell me and we build on their ideas together (YES, AND). In turn, those after 10PM bedtimes are actually helping me reach the next step in my career. Plus, what else am I going to talk about at the water cooler on Thursday?

*I still love you v much, TJ.    

You can catch Michaela McInerney in her Level 1 Showcase on Tuesday, October 10th at 7:00PM at Dallas Comedy House.