Practicing With...Lime

I’ve already seen quite a few post-Ewing troupes as part of my interview series, but Lime stood out in a number of ways.


Firstly, while I have felt very warmly welcomed by everyone, there was a special amount of enthusiasm for my practice-crashing from Lime. Let this be a message to future troupes to step up their game. I have yet to receive any chocolates or snacks, and not a single troupe has composed a song praising my name. Not one.

Secondly, while most post-Ewing troupes heavily tweak the form or go in a new direction entirely, not so as yet with Lime. It’s not that they aren’t willing to experiment. It’s that their Ewing run only recently ended, and they’ve taken on a new coach – the estimable Ben Pfeiffer. If you’ve taken a class from Ben before, you’ll understand what I mean when I say it was nice to hear “Questionscommentsconcerns?” and “Let’s horseshoe it up!” again.

Ben thinks Lime is pretty estimable too.

"They are really focusing on the fundamentals of their scenes and trying to polish themselves as individuals and performers as well. It’s encouraging to see growth from them every week."

I also found Lime to be tight with the fundamentals, the fun, the chemistry (so much laughter and camaraderie during the mid-practice break alone) and the support.  

Members of Lime (that would be Kate Grogan, Gwen Moores, Anna Wright. Lo Burges, Reid Corbin, Billy Dechert, Mike Standish, and Joshua Simmons) aren’t surprised they work together so well.

"Our first practice felt like we'd been practicing for weeks,” said Grogan. “It feels amazing to be in such a motivated group... and on top of that to be so aligned in our improv goals," echoed Moores.

Watching them, I very much got the sense that they could count on each other, no one was going to hog the spotlight or chew scenery, and they were able to clearly elaborate on their strengths and weaknesses.

Those traits were mirrored in their comments. Wright: "All of us are good about being reflective, and articulating what we need to work on."  Dechert: "These people care so much about improv, but are so unselfish." Grogan: "I can walk into any scene and know I'm going to be supported. I trust these guys."

All in all, this is one smashing, lovely, loving group that is going places. You can also go to a place to see them, specifically DCH on Thursday, October 25th at 9PM. Questionscommentsconcerns?

Kevin Beane graduated from the DCH improv program in 2016 and is in the DCH troupe Preschool Fight Club. He also cohosts Quizprov, with occasional DCH shows, and performs in the Dallas-area troupe Autocomplete. He likes sports, eating, sleeping, board games, poker, euchre, and procrastinating. He hails from Akron, Ohio.