Woman Seeking ‘Dilla by Rosey Blair


I’ve got a new Daddy.

My Daddy is cheesy. My Daddy is as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside.  My Daddy warms my soul, and soothes the darkest, most animalistic urges deep within my core. My Daddy comes in three different flavors. My ‘Dilla Daddy.

You might say I’m romantically involved with the Quesadilla subcategory of the Dallas Comedy House food and drink menu. I’m admittedly head-over-heels with the $7/$8 former appetizer gone rogue bad-boy entree. I was first introduced to this menu item when I was in the middle of my quarterly dance with vegetarianism (Okja was rough, y’all!). I delightedly stumbled upon the Black Bean variation of the dish and was hooked. Eventually, gastronomical pleasure outweighed any ethical proclivities and I soon partook in BB ‘Dilla’s charming brothers. My favorite is the Chicken and Okja -whoops, I mean bacon- combo.

Like other complex bachelors before him, this guy belongs in a fine restaurant, but for some reason, is darkening the door of a comedy club. I know, right? He’s hot, AND funny?  

Okay, I get it. I’ve personified a food-stuff. Hear me out:  this ‘dilla  is DANG GOOD. How good? If I know I am going to be at Dallas Comedy House - watching an improv show, taking a class, gazing in frenzied awe at a musical performance (y’all seen that Freddie play? I’m STILL fanning myself, yowza), I AIN’T EATING AT HOME. Heck, I’ve intentionally avoided an afternoon snack in preparation for the culinary fete awaiting me at DCH.

I assume you’re on board by now and plotting your next date/birthday party/post Whole30 binge at Dallas Comedy House, so I’m giving your some super secret ‘DILLA DIRECTIONS.

Insider ‘Dilla Info:

  • There have been two separate occasions wherein the Quesadilla was SO INSANELY DELICIOUS that I have asked the bar staff who was grillmaster responsible for such amazing ‘Dilla architecture. Those two names are Kate Grogan and Jame DeLyn McCraw. Gals- from the bottom of my belly and the buds of my lips, I offer you my unyielding support should you ever choose to give up show business to pursue your true calling: living in my kitchen and cooking for me. I am sure that there are other exquisitely trained chefs building your ‘Dilla with lots of love, but for me - these two have been superior standouts.

  • When it comes to sauces, swirl your sour cream with your salsa. YOU’RE WELCOME.

  • Per Artistic Director David Allison’s request, I added bacon to the Black Bean ‘Dilla (blasphemy tastes so good) and was met with an explosive experience. The bacon really enhanced the smokiness of the black beans and created a texture experience nestled next to fresh avocado.

I’m glad I opened up to something new. I’m glad I let my walls down. Remember when I told you I was a vegetarian when I first tried the quesadilla? I lied to you. I was vegan. I broke vegan for this dang ‘dilla. I’d do it again, too.

My last confession? I’ve yet to try the steak option. I’m totally going to. I invite you to join me! I’ll be at the double-feature Halloween-y musical extravaganza Jason: A Campy Musical  and Freddie: A Devilish Musical double-fisting ‘Dillas. Carbo-loading makes me less vulnerable  to jump scares, I find.

If you spy me at a table with a handsome gentleman, don’t worry about interrupting us. My ‘Dilla Daddy loves company.

Freddie: A Devilish Musical plays every Friday at 9P. On Sunday, October 29th at 7P, there will be a double feature of last year's (and Dallas Observer nominee for best musical) Jason: A Campy Musical and Freddie: A Devilish Musical.