Interns of the Weeks: Michelle Rose Domb and Jami Nesbitt!

You know who kicks butt? Night Interns! Do you know specifically which two Night Interns kick butt? Michelle Domb and Jami Nesbitt! Every week our kick butt House Managers nominate Night Interns who kick butt. These kick butt interns net themselves kick butt rewards, like a DCH bar tab, comp tickets, AND A FEATURE ON THE BLOG. Hey, it’s Raye Maddox checking in, and I’m here to interview last week’s Intern of the Week, Michelle Domb, and this week’s Intern of the Week, Jami Nesbit!

Left: Michelle Rose Domb caught off guard while running sound equipment for ghosts.  Right: Jami Nesbitt photographed by paparazzi while drinking soup from a cup.

Left: Michelle Rose Domb caught off guard while running sound equipment for ghosts.  Right: Jami Nesbitt photographed by paparazzi while drinking soup from a cup.


Where is your hometown?

Michelle: I am from Dallas, TX.

Jami: Carthage, NY. That's in update New York. Think 45 minutes from Canada and 6 feet of snow in winter!

What level of class are you in?

M: I am in Improv Level 1.

J: I'm in Improv Level 2 for the second time! I took improv in Chicago and loved it so much I wanted to keep doing it after moving to Dallas.

What’s something you’re passionate about?

M: I am passionate about the arts- from fine arts performance (Booker T. Grad), to hearing live music, to inter-disciplinary arts (hosting open mics).

J: I'm passionate about my puppies! I rescued both of them from Operation Kindness where I volunteer, and the other interns can probably attest to the fact I talk about them all the time. 

What’s the best food?

M: Sushi is the best food. Typically, I am all about the condiments. Sushi is the one food item, when done right, needs no wingman.

J: I'm completely biased and think my baked goods are the bomb. Especially my chocolate cupcakes filled with chocolate rum ganache and topped with a Kahlua Swiss meringue frosting. Now, I'm hungry.

What’s the worst candy?

M: Salty licorice was a food my best friend’s mom suggested as a snack. I thought it would be like salted caramel. Nope! Like a sardine came and died on a gummy bear. Flavor betrayal.

J: Candy Corn. ::shudder::

Favorite movie?

M: Almost Famous. The writing. The music. The acting. Perfection!

J: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I love the cinematography of this particular movie in the series. Plus, I love time traveling motifs in movies, shows, etc.

What’s just the worst?

M: What’s just the worst are mean people. Mean people suck. Be nice or go away.

J: [the movie] From Justin to Kelly. My college roommates watched it. I thought they were watching it to make fun of it! But no, for real! And they got mad at me and asked me to leave when I couldn't help laughing.

Give me dating advice please.

M: My dating advice is to have a healthy friendship. Respect each other. Have all the fun!

J: Find somebody who is kind, thoughtful, caring, and willing to work on a relationship. Getting hot and bothered about whether or not you like the same music, have the same hobbies, or want to watch the same movies is silly. Do they laugh when you're being silly? Do they get up in the middle of the night and drive to pick up your sister because she is snow bound in a parking lot? Those are things that matter. You can always watch your show on your phone in your bedroom with your puppies.

This is Michelle Rose Domb’s first term interning, but you can’t even tell! She’s an actor, singer, and dancer, so chat up this Lady of Many Talents whenever you see her! She traditionally works on Fridays and you may catch her hosting a show!

Jami Nesbitt is a first-timer, too! Wow all these first timers! Make a new friend with Jami! Talk about dogs with Jami! She also works on Friday unless she’s kicking ass and working another night!

Raye Maddox is the Intern Manager and is helping to oversee the Training Center while Maggie is on Maternity Leave. You can catch him around the theater teching shows, performing, or touching garbage cans. By the time you are reading this he has seen Justice League, but can not give you a review due to the embargo. Check out Midnight Passion, The Revenge Society, and Deep Dish to see him perform.