Interns of the Week: Andrew Kennedy and Ellen Fultz!

Raye Maddox here, current Intern Manager! Welcome to a series of blog posts all about our beloved, incredible interns! Every week House Managers nominate interns for the esteemed Intern of the Week, which not only nets them a $20 DCH Bar Tab and comp tickets, BUT ALSO A NEAT-O BANDITO FEATURE ON THE BLOG. I fell behind in getting these done, so here’s the inaugural Intern of the Week Blog featuring the first two Interns of the Week for Term 6: Andrew Kennedy and Ellen Fultz!

Andrew Kennedy drinking an invisible beer.

Andrew Kennedy drinking an invisible beer.

Where is your hometown?

Andrew: Dallas

Ellen: I was raised in Wylie, TX. A town, which at the time, only had 1 stop light, everyone hung out at Taco Delite, and the belief that the earth revolves around football.

What level of class are you in?

Ellen Fultz after getting caught in the Cotton Candy machine. I stole both pictures off of Facebook.

Ellen Fultz after getting caught in the Cotton Candy machine. I stole both pictures off of Facebook.

A: Improv Level 2!

E: I'm in Level 2 Improv. I'm taking it so that I can train myself to be familiar with uncomfortable situations. I found out in storytelling, being extemporaneous is well outside my comfort zone. Anxiety is my middle name, so Improv has turned into a form of self-improvement for me.

What’s something you’re passionate about?

A: The Dallas Cowboys. Q-car, Chad Hutchinson, Drew Henson, I bought into the hype of all these QBs. My passion for the Cowboys is blinding.

E:  It sounds funny, but I'm a hyper competitive person - which makes me passionate at overwhelmingly everything. So, I'm passionate about being passionate.

What’s the best food?

A: Beef fajitas plus chips and quest. I have to consume these alone with no witnesses, because I look like a monster devouring a carcass while eating these items.

E: Tacos are the only reason for living. A taco is perfection in edible form.

What’s the worst candy?

A: Almond Joy. Who makes these? Whoever it is, I’m going to write them a letter.

E: Warheads. I'm susceptible to peer pressure - and so as a kid I ate them so not to look like a wimp -100% regret it.

Favorite movie?

A: The Count of Monte Cristo. I hadn’t heard of the book, and hadn’t seen a preview. I just walked in knowing nothing and my mind was blown. After this experience I swore off movie trailers...and books.

E: Growing up, it was League of Their Own. It was the earliest movie that I ever saw myself reflected in a character (Kit Keller). Girl power!

What’s just the worst?

A: The worst is how no one courtesy waves on the road these days. I blame Dane Cook, and some stand-up bit he did several years back. We used to be friendly on the road occasionally.

E: Being humiliated. It takes me awhile to bounce back from humiliation. Improv is QUICKLY highlighting that feature in me, but also helping me cope with at the same time.

Give me dating advice please.

A: Who do I look like, Steve Harrington?

E: My best advice is always to be bold, confident, and don't wait on the other person to make the first move. My ulterior/underlying motive to that advice is to condition everyone else to make the first move so I'll never have to because I'm a total chicken. Good luck out there!

This is Andrew Kennedy’s first term interning. He has a kind smile and often picks up double shifts to cover for fellow interns! Andrew also has his Level 2 Showcase on Wednesday 12/12 at 7:30pm!

Ellen Fultz asks a lot of great questions and kicks ass at the box office due to this! Super helpful and approachable, you should ask Ellen questions about anything! You can see Ellen Fultz in her Level 2 Showcase on Wednesday 12/6 at 7:00pm!

Raye Maddox is the Intern Manager and is helping to oversee the Training Center while Maggie is on maternity leave. You can catch him around the theater teching shows, performing, or eating nachos off the floor. He has seen Thor: Ragnarok and highly encourages all to see a delightful, fun film. Check out Midnight Passion, The Revenge Society, and Deep Dish to see him perform.