Interns of the Weeks: Shelby Whiteside and Kirstie Carrizales!

Raye Maddox here! I humbly present to you the last two Interns of the Week for 2017! These classy, wonderful ladies are wonderful and classy interns! In being so they earned themselves four show tickets, a $20 tab at the DCH bar, and a snazzy feature on this blog! Who are the interns I speak of? Well, fair reader, who else would I be talking about if not Shelby Whiteside-Brandt and Kirstie Elena Carrizales!

Screenshot 2017-12-26 at 2.01.54 PM.png

Where is your hometown?

Shelby: Dallas, TX

Kirstie: Dallas, TX

What level are you in?

S: I am just finishing up Improv Level 3. My showcase is January 6, 2018! [Link Below]

K: Such a weird question, because my mind goes straight to Improv and it wants to say "Improv Level 7", but I will be starting Sketch Level 2 in the new year.

What’s something you’re passionate about?

S: This may be corny, but I am truly passionate about comedy. I love watching comedy, reading about comedy, and dissecting jokes until they're not funny anymore. I am really fun at parties.

K: I am passionate about (improv but I'll say something else) people. I really love meeting people. I may be shy, but I love observing and watching people be themselves. Everyone has their own quirks, their own laugh, the way they get nervous or think about something sad. Talking to them about those things is a whole other level. Everyone has their own unique being and, while I always love seeing people for their greatest qualities, I will see them for how they are and how they feel.

What’s the best food?

S: The best food is the Italian Sub from Jimmy's Food Store. It has all the best meats: Mortadella, Capicola, Sopressata, and Pepperoni. Pair that with some cream soda, and *muah* it's perfect.

K: The best food is food that someone has made for you with their own two hands in their own kitchen that they invited you into and said "Hey are you hungry?"

What’s the worst candy?

S: The worst candy is anything butterscotch. My grandfather used to keep butterscotch candy around, and I would always try it, thinking my tastes had changed, and I would always hate. I do however LOVE those little strawberry candies wrapped to look like a real-live strawberry.

K: The worst candy is all candy that's not organic because I can kind of feel it giving me heartburn. Do you ever feel that?

Favorite movie?

S: In my mind, there are two distinct categories of good films: Critically acclaimed films that make you look smart at dinner parties, and movies that are super fun and can/should be watched over and over again. My favorite pretentious movie is Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (1927). I first saw it earlier this year while making my way through AFI's Top 100. It's a black and white silent (duh, 1927) film, and I just loved it. I hope to have a fun day in the city after my husband tries to murder ME at the urging of his mistress. My favorite movie I can watch over and over again is Waiting For Guffman. The Chinese Restaurant Scene with Catherine O'Hara is the single best scene in cinematic history. [Link Below]

K: I have two favorite movies. I love the Wizard of Oz, because I love to chase Dreams. And I love Moulin Rouge because I love Love. They are also two well told, symbolic stories.

What’s just the worst?

S: I really dislike when people make fun of others over things they can't change, especially in political arguments. If you're going to make fun of someone, make fun of the way they think, not their appearance. Like we say in improv, go deep.

K: The worst is being in your own head and forgetting to take care of yourself.

Give me dating advice please.

S: I haven't dated since 2010, so I am not a great person to ask. Be open to new experiences, and remember that being scared and being excited is the same thing.

K: Dating advice, hmmm. Just learn to love yourself, even your bad traits, and be genuine. I love that Rupaul quote "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?" There's a lot of meaning in that.

Shelby is one of more veteran interns on our crews! She’s great at remaining calm and thinking logical. At time serious, and other times silly, she’s a great improviser! Want to check out her skills? Here’s a link to showcase and the movie clip she referenced:

Kirstie is solid! She’s dear to any crew she’s ever been on! She’s equal parts goof and grave. This was her last term interning, and we’re losing one of the single best interns we have had all year. Pour one out for her next time you are thinking about it.  I’m crying. Check her out in troupes like Lemon and so many others, including the newest JTS-Brown, all-lady troupe Brownie Troupe 3025.

Raye Maddox is the current Training Center Coordinator and the Intern Manager. He recently saw Star Wars Episode XIII: The Last Jedi and highly recommends seeing this new take on a very long saga. Go in with an open heart and pure soul and you’ll probably like it. It’s complicated. You can see him do improv in Midnight Passion, The Revenge Society, and Deep Dish. He also hosts the monthly variety show Block Party every last Wednesday of the month, except it’s on Jan. 3rd for December!