Practicing With…The Gentlemen

The Gentleman: Wes, Greg, Ahmed, Shahyan, and Jack)

The Gentleman: Wes, Greg, Ahmed, Shahyan, and Jack)

Some troupes make me want to be a better improviser.

Some troupes make me want to see a thousand years of their shows.

The Gentlemen make me want to make want to make ill-advised tattoo-related bets, snort Himalayan salt, and wake up in the jail of a country whose name I can’t pronounce.

Don’t get me wrong, The Gentlemen also make me want to be a better improviser and see a thousand years of their shows,’s how their coach, Scriven Bernard, puts it.

“This is kind of a party group. You see that in their energy.”

Yes. Yes you do. Their energy is absolutely off the charts. This was at 10AM on a Sunday. I say a private curse word anytime I have to be up before noon, and here these guys are absolutely ready and raring to go, lack of sleep be damned.

Also evident in their laffaminit gonzo style: four of the five of them (Jack Orchard, Ahmed al-Kadri, Wes Davis, and Shahyan Jahani) are standups too. Greg Smith is the only holdout.

Greg, Jack, and Wes were the original Gentlemen, inspired by the notion that they all sort of look alike (Jack and Greg especially, IMO). Ultimately, however, they just didn’t want to play without Ahmed and Shahyan.

Their standup background also informs their format, an Armando-esque form where they start their show by just having a mini-panel discussion amongst themselves onstage. “We wanted to do a conversational opening monologue because four of us do standup,” says Wes.

But their format has evolved over time. “We keep changing as performers and improvisers,” Ahmed explained, “and we change our format accordingly.

Their goof-off vibe does not stop them from being completely serious about their craft, and they rarely cancel practice. "I think we're pretty motivated to get better slots, so we practice a lot,” says Jack.

So whether you want to enjoy screamingly funny comedy from what Greg calls “smart, dumb people,” or if you absolutely have to throw the biggest, best rager on campus or else the mean old dean is gonna shut this fraternity down and you can only hire one troupe to help you, The Gentlemen are right for you.

Their next show is December 20th at 9 at DCH.

Kevin Beane graduated from the DCH improv program in 2016 and is in the DCH troupe Preschool Fight Club. He also cohosts Quizprov, with occasional DCH shows, and performs in the Dallas-area troupe Autocomplete.He likes sports, eating, sleeping, board games, poker, euchre, and procrastinating. He hails from Akron, Ohio.