Interns of the Weeks: Zac Marmolej and Michaela McInerney!

Raye Maddox here! Don’t touch that dial! You are tuned into the right station! Trust me!
Another few weeks have passed and some more interns have continued to be the absolute greatest! Hyperboles asides, thanks for reading another edition of the Interns of the Week blog! Nominated by House Managers, Interns who are awarded this not only receive this sweet, sweet feature on the blog, but also 4 (four) show tickets and a $20 tab at our local DCH bar! The past two week’s gem-worthy interns were Zac Marmolej and Michaela McInerney!

(On the Left: Zac eyein’ some nachos in the audience while in the middle of a sick punchline delivery. On the Right: Michaela manifesting physical art pieces from her mind.)

(On the Left: Zac eyein’ some nachos in the audience while in the middle of a sick punchline delivery. On the Right: Michaela manifesting physical art pieces from her mind.)

Where is your hometown?

Zac: My hometown is Erie, Pa which is known for massive amounts of snow, depression, and the "Pizza Bomber" incident.

Michaela*: From Perry, Iowa. We have two stoplights, lots of corn, and some serious good ol' fashion hometown . Go Bluejays!

*I am legally** obligated to clarify Miachela’s name is pronounced Muh-Kie-Luh, not Muh-Kay-Luh

**not actually legally

What level are you in?

Z: I am most likely going to be taking Level 1 Improv and Level 2 Stand Up after the first of the year.

M: I'm in level two improv! I have such a great class I can't imagine not getting to hang out with them every Wednesday.

What’s something you’re passionate about?

Z: I really like running, mostly from my feelings, but I also enjoy competing in various 5ks around the DFW area. I was a bit of chunker in college, and I was inspired to get into running after watching the Simon Pegg movie "Run Fatboy Run."  At first I only ran to lose weight, but I actually really enjoyed doing it and Ive kept it up ever since.  Im hoping to compete in the Dallas Marathon next year, but I am prone to severe bouts of laziness so we'll see how that goes.

M: I'm passionate about a lot of things, and not to sound like the standard Tinder profile, but I'm most passionate about hiking, reading, and travel!  

What’s the best food?

Z: Breakfast in PA is pretty standard stuff, so breakfast tacos/burritos have filled a void in my life that I didn't know existed until I moved here.  The day I found out that not only could I have tacos/burritos for breakfast, but it was also highly encouraged was one of the best days of my life.

M: The best food is free food. Besides that, I'm a sucker for anything chocolate or truffle. Put them together and you have the most perfect thing in the universe.

What’s the worst candy?

Z: Orange circus peanuts.  I don't think I have seen anyone younger than 75 purposely purchase them.
M: Licorice. I swear it's only still around to make other candy look good. How are they still in business? WE HAVE REAL CHOICES NOW, PEOPLE - THIS ISN'T THE 1800'S ANYMORE.

Favorite movie?

Z: So I'm going to cheat a little bit, because I have two favorite movies.  The first would be "Dumb and Dumber," which in my humble opinion is the best comedy of all time.  I think what makes it so funny is that while the main characters are dumb, its a believable kind of dumb and not over exaggerated to the point of absurdity.  Fun fact about "Dumb and Dumber," Nicholas Cage and Gary Oldman were the original choices to play Harry and Lloyd.   My other favorite movie is "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest," with Jack Nicholson at his best.  If you have not seen it I highly recommend it, just be prepared to feel your feelings.
M: I'm terrible at watching movies, but Lilo and Stitch was my favorite growing up and I probably have the whole thing memorized still. It's just so goofy, and sweet. Plus it's fun to make a Stitch voice!

What’s just the worst?

Z:  Why is it so hard for people to use their turn signals when appropriate?!?  Its like 70% of the population stroke out when they get into their vehicles, and forget common rules of the road.  The only reason for someone to not use them when changing lanes going 80+ mph down 35 is if they have severe diarrhea, but that can't be everyone's excuse and if it is we have problem worthy of a scientific study.  
M: I'd say that habitual complainers are hard to deal with. It's okay to have a vent session about your bad day, month, or year, but don't forget to talk about the good things too!

Give me dating advice please.

Z: I’m going to tell you about a surefire technique I developed in college.  I call it the "Ole Double Wink," are you ready? Okay here it is.  (Proceeds to blink at interviewer for an awkward 52 seconds.)  I guarantee that will work on anyone you interested in dating, just use it wisely it's very powerful.
M: Sounds cheesy, but spend time making your own adventures rather than chasing down a partner. This way you get to create badass memories AND you'll run into people you connect with naturally. Oh, and don't be afraid to put yourself out there and let them know when you do find someone you click with. Regrets do no good.

Zac is a first-term intern who has made a nightly impact on Saturday nights. If you’re into metaphors, he’s a gentle giant! If you’re not into metaphors, Zac is a kind, tall, tough lookin’ dude. But don’t fear him! Zac’s main focus is on Stand-Up but watch out for him to dabble into improv soon! So shake the guy’s hand sometime and ask how he’s doing!

Michaela works on Tuesday and rounds out an already excellent crew of sweet, sweet interns! She always has a smile on her face, ready to watch the Jam or even hop up onto the stage! Michaela is in Level 2 Improv right now, but she’s a fierce player with passion emitting from her eyes. Next time you see her, talk to her! You’ll find she also has a southern sweet disposition!

Raye Maddox is the current Training Center Coordinator and the Intern Manager. He recently saw Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and highly recommends this dark comedy and brutal drama to anyone, ever. He will not understand how the world works if this movie does not win awards. You can see him do improv in Midnight Passion, The Revenge Society, and Deep Dish. He also hosts the monthly variety show Block Party every last Wednesday of the month!