"Troupe Talk: Shameless Pug" by Jason Hensel

The Dallas Comedy House (DCH) improv troupe Shameless Pug has a performance opportunity for DCH students Level 3 and above. It's all in honor of the recently befallen “Student Lotto.” For their show on Wednesday, August 16, at 10:30 p.m., they would like two-to-three students to perform with them. This is a great opportunity to play with an experienced troupe. Interested students can leave a comment on the post on the DCH Training Center's Facebook page or contact Glenn Smith via Facebook. Those selected to play will be notified this weekend.  

If you don't know who Shameless Pug is, well, that is where I come in. I recently sat down with the Pug outside a PetSmart in Plano to learn more about being shameless.

Who makes up the Shameless Pug?
I am currently owned by Mano Galaviz, Josh Hensley, Becky Rentzel, Glenn Smith, and Ryan Vicksell, but I like having a different human for each day of the week, so I am looking for prospects. If you are reading this and like walks in the park and having your face licked, then hit me up. I’m on Facebook!
How long has the Pug been around?
I was initially raised on a Ewing farm over two years ago. Hey, I guess that makes me a teenager in improv years.
Who trains the Pug?
Well, after a youthful foray into academia at Pupperdine and DePaw universities, I roamed the Earth in search of spiritual guidance. This is where I met my current sensei, Tyler Via, who has helped transform me into a comedic Hong Kong Phooey.
What tricks does the Pug like to play?
I love putting someone’s paw in bowl of water while they sleep. That is a classic! They still won’t let me back at Dotty Dumplin’s Doggie Daycare because of that. I can also twirl on demand and play "Uptown Funk" on the banjo. A dog has to have a few extra tricks under the collar in case this improv thing doesn’t work out.
What is the Pug's favorite pun?
Hmm, that is a tough one. Do you smell up-dog?
Where does the Pug see itself in five years?
My psychic told me that you would ask that! In light of the fact that Keegan Michael-Key has opened many doors for improvisers with his varied successes, I feel like I will be in line to at least be a Kibbles N’ Bits spokesperson, become a staple on the TV series Downward Dog, and film my version of a cult classic, called Doggie Darko…..or playing the banjo on a street corner.
Who's been a good boy/girl?
Well, you, of course, Jason. Here’s your treat! Pats on the forehead to Stephen Colbert, Wonder Woman, Kumail and Emily, and Lin-Manuel Miranda. May their bowls be filled with Scooby Snacks. My owners? No, that lot needs some serious obedience training! I would hit them on their noses with a newspaper…..er, if I could actually hold a newspaper.

Jason Hensel is a graduate of the DCH improv training program and performs with .f.a.c.e. and the ’95 Bulls.