Scoop on Sketch: Return of the 90’s

*GUSH, GUSH* Was the irregular noise that Blitsy Kittenz, a real interviewess, heard as she trotted over a busted water pipe on the way to Dallas Comedy House. She was meeting with the cast of Return of 90’s, you see. Now, this was a sweet group, a hotsy-totsy crew, a glittery, glammity bunch of talented woozles. Famous woozles include, David/Daniel Allison, Madison Frihart, Cody Hofmockel, Gabriel Vasquez, Sarah Anne Adams, Cesar Villa, and Jonda Robinson. Blitsy Kittens opened the dressing room door unnannounced while the group was warming up like the statue professionals they are. Blitsy blurted, “I’m asking you some questions! You potatoes are going on the record and the paper!” and they all answered, “Okay”.

Blitsy Kittenz: So, this is your second round of a 90’s show! Was it easier to pull stuff from the decade this time around?  How was it doing a sequel of a sketch show?

David: I think it was easier this time as far as the initial creative process goes because we knew what worked in the last show. We knew that we needed to reference things that people would understand. Things like, “pop-up video”, for example, got Sarah and I really excited because we knew what it was, but there were a lot of people in the audience that weren’t as familiar with it. So we made sure that we referenced truths in society this time that everyone could get so the show was more accessible.

Sarah: What David said.

Madison: What Daniel said.

Blitsy Kittenz: Oh! Daniel is your name?

Cody: I’d say this one was easier. I think the challenge of it was that the first one went so well that we wanted to make this one just as good. We had a lot of material though.

Sarah: I mean it’s ten years. It’s a decade.

Cody: Looking back we should have done one for every year!

David: And it was easier because we had already worked with each other so I, as a writer, knew how to write for these players in the show. Going into the first show I had never really worked with Cody before or Madison or Colin. So I wasn’t really familiar what their strengths were.

Jonda: Directing has been great, especially since we’ve already done a show and I knew this cast pretty well. I knew how they operated which made it easier, like they said, the second time around. I think the challenge was knowing that we had set a bar with the first 90’s show and wanting to jump over that bar as well as making sure everyone had fun.

Sarah: I do have to say that my parents have seen both shows and they really loved this version. They wanted to see Dionne Celine, though. They loved that character so much.

Jonda: They should come chant that tomorrow night in the audience.


Cody: Does anyone here sing as Dionne Celine at home?

Jonda: Madison’s co-workers

Blitsy Kittenz: There is an homage to it in the show when you say Clinton comma Bill

David: That’s crazy.

Gabriel: What else do you want to know?

Blitsy Kittenz: Does this show make you sweat a lot? With the Wigs?

Gabriel: All the time. I think it’s just my genetics. *Slurps his water*

Jonda: I like watching you play with your Meredith Viera wig. It gets in your face a lot.

Madison: I think it’s funny. That’s my interview answer.

Blitsy Kittenz: Madison you’ve been so distant during this interview.

Gabriel: Well she’s been distant the whole show. Like right before the last show, we’re just NOW getting to know her.

Sarah: That’s true.

Cody: She stands really far away from everybody.

David: She also has been trying to hug us? Which is weird because I’ve been told she doesn’t like hugs.

Sarah: For the record, Madison LOVES being hugged so if you see her at DCH...give her a big squeeze.

Gabriel: She is always tickling my a**hole.

And just like that, after Gabriel’s touching line, the stars ran to their posts off-stage and made the audience roar and cackle into the dusty evening. What a charming bunch of bananas. You can catch them as they take their final, flannel bow tonight at 9:00. You don’t want to miss this show!

Blitsy Kittenz is a fake character, created by Emily Gee, that interviews lovely people. Emily writes for the DCH blog and performs improv at Dallas Comedy House. She loves peanut butter, blooming lilies, her pup Gutter and the owner of the XBOX name: IceColdHofsicle. You can see Emily perform with Photobomb, Out of the Blue, Rapid Weight Gain and the Family Friendly show.