Thank you Jason Hensel and Nick Scott!

You're reading this blog entry that you most likely found through one of our social media outlets. Managing the DCH blog and blog interns and curating our social media efforts doesn't happen without the help of two very important people to DCH who have been at the helm of these departments for the past several years. 

Jason Hensel has managed the blog content and all of the interns who have submitted their pieces. He tirelessly curates, edits, and polishes the content so you, our readers, have a diverse sampling of content to peruse each and every week. His ability to spot a good writer and help them create great content has been invaluable to DCH. 

Nick Scott has served as our social media manager for the past several years. He's posted, tweeted, and served up your weekly news to make sure you know about all things DCH and comedy. His dry wit and keen eye for comedy helped maintain a brand for Dallas Comedy House through social media. 

As their time comes to a close in those positions, I wanted to thank them for all they have done for DCH. Both Jason and Nick have been around Dallas Comedy House since the early days. Their past, present, and continued involvement at DCH are what makes our community feel like a home.