Sketch Scoop: An Interview With Sketch Group, Walker Herschel

It was a hot and musty Wednesday when the Herschel Walker team wiped their hard-working brows in the P-Dogs green room. After a successful and tight inaugural show, nothing could stop the energy of this quippy gang. A gang filled with cool cats like Jordan Armstrong, Kent Wicklander, Jonathan Patrick, Darcy Armstrong, Todd Anderton and their gang coach, Cody Hofmockel. They were sharing a hefty group guffaw when a reporter entered the room. Blitsy Kittenz was an interviewer with a recorder that wouldn’t quit until she got the story. Blitsy sat down and cordially wiped a brow in solidarity. She screamed, “This is all goin’ on the record!” and they all looked at her and said, “Okay."

Then the real story began:

Blitsy Kittens: What was the inspiration for some of your sketches?

Kent: We did a lot of technology stuff. Like, how technology goes wrong or can go wrong. We kind of discovered that theme later. We didn’t even start wanting that theme, like we didn’t even have that theme in mind, but as we started writing sketches it just became clear that that was the overall theme so we wrote to that.

Todd: Uh….I wrote Sass Age because I’m middle-aged and I forget shit. When I forget a password I feel like the computers like, “What are you gunna do about it old man?!” And that was the inspiration for writing the password.

Cody: Yea, we turned to Todd for consulting like, “Hey Todd! What were cassette tapes like?!” and “What’s it feel like to use a H.A.M. radio?”.

Todd: By the way! I still have an AOL e-mail from 1992. You could e-mail me RIGHT NOW and I would pull it. It’s ToddAnd, there’s no numbers or sequence it’s just

Darcy: I liked giving Todd all the Millennial lines in the last one. Making him say “Meme” was very funny.

Jordan: A little tidbit...if anyone wants to know where I keep my passwords...I keep mine in my notepad app.

Cody: So if anyone wants to break into Jordan's phone, you may also break into her life.

Jon: Can we turn this interview into a PSA for security?

Todd: Jon, I feel like you’re probably the expert, like you have a technology background.

Jon: There’s a thing called Last Pass, just get that.

Todd: See, I KNEW there was an easy answer to it. I was just embarrassed to ask.

BK: How was the Walker Sketch experience different from your other Sketch experiences? The speed, the team?

Todd: I’m almost amazed at how quickly and comfortably we assembled and performed. For five people who have little connectivity in this community. It’s a testament to the talent of everyone that participated and the direction we received as well.

Darcy: It was fast. There wasn’t a lot of revision. Well, there WAS revision but you had to go in with your best ideas. Or you just failed, which I did a little.

Cody: Even though it was fast, these guys totally rose to the occasion and worked like true professionals and did it quickly. There didn’t have to be much revision because they’re very, very strong writers and they rose to any challenge. The point of Walker is to be fast and not have a lot of time and to groom the sketch program and these guys are pioneers. It was a great way to start.

Darcy: There wasn’t ever a time where someone came in and hadn’t done what they were supposed to do.

Jordan: Everyone wanted to be here and was focused and excited about it.

Cody: Some insider info, our next rehearsal will be to start on the next show and we will have four rehearsals and put up the next show.

Jordan: That’s terrifying

Jon: I actually like this better. My worst fear in sketch is, “Fifteen minutes! Write whatever you want!” and for me it’s much betters if it’s, “You’ve got half an hour, do it about this”. The audition was a prompt based one and I need constraints to write. My nightmare is, “You’ve got a month write whatever you want”.

Jordan: I’m like that too. A little secret, I write my sketches the day they’re due or the day before they’re due.

Kent: I had one I wrote immediately after a rehearsal one time.

Jon: Yea, I was like DAMN.

The Walker Sketch Teams perform in Walker Night every Wednesday at 9:30pm at Dallas Comedy House.

Blitsy Kittenz is a fake character, created by Emily Gee, that interviews lovely people. Emily writes for the DCH blog and performs improv at Dallas Comedy House. She loves peanut butter, blooming lilies, her pup Gutter and the owner of the XBOX name: IceColdHofsicle. You can see Emily perform with Photobomb, Out of the Blue, Rapid Weight Gain and the Family Friendly show.