A Blitsy Interview With Suspect

It was a breezy eve, the kind of eve that was cool enough to enjoy a Pumpkin Spice Latte double shot, extra whip and toot down at the Arboretum. That wasn’t what Blitsy Kittenz had in mind for this Saturday night thought, no, nada, neeha, nope. She planned on cahooting with some Suspects, the writers/actors and director of Suspect: A True Crimedy. Some wig-poppin’, show stoppin’ funny guys and gals by the name of, Sallie Boo Bowen, Bonnie Criss, Jason Hackett, Andrew Plock, Ryan Goldsberry, Jade Smith and Ashley Br-Bright. The interview began in the green room and it also ended in the green room. She entered with the cast already seated then the real story began:

Blitsy Kittenz: How has the Suspect process been? The whole Shebang?

Sallie: Well, I love this whole group of people. I love workin’ with them.

Jade: From the start, we did a couple of brainstorming sessions where we were like, “We want these really big characters and we want them to exist in the same universe!”.

Jason: Well first we wanted it to be FRIENDS but with cell phones.

Sallie: Just like, FRIENDS the show but where they all had cell phones.

Ryan: There was one day where we all brought in some pitches and they were all money related and Jade was like, “Hey I was watching Disney channel last night”.

Sallie: ‘Cause she’s twelve.

Ryan: And then she said, “They all had to do with money! You know what money is? A motive”.

Jade: When did I say that?

Ashley: Are we just making stuff up now? Can we say who the friends were, Plock was Joey, Ryan was Ross

Jason: I’m Chandler

Sallie: And all three of us were Phoebe or “Three-be”

Blitsy Kittenz: Who was Rachel?

Sallie: We’d just put a wig on a pole

*Plocks Enters*

Plock: We did real good out there tonight, tonight was a solid performance by all. We took it too ‘em all acting parts of the pitch in the acting field of the game. Hard and fast and loose...SUSPECT BABY!!!

*Plocks leaves*

Jade: I feel like you should write a script for Friends.

Sallie: And all of their problems get solved really quickly because they have cell phones.

Ashley: Friends but they have cell phones.

Blitsy Kittenz: And that was it?

Jason: That really was it.

Ryan's good voice during a scene of Suspect: A True Crimedy

Ryan's good voice during a scene of Suspect: A True Crimedy

Blitsy Kittenz: So how did it turn into a podcast?

Sallie: Ryan has a really good voice

Jade: I remember we talked about a narrator and there being somedoby to take us through our whole show and everyone was talking about podcasts and true crime and making a murderer. So I was like, “Why don’t we just do one?” And we already had the sketches before we had the frame work.

Sallie: We kind of tweaked them a little bit to have them fit in the show.

Blitsy Kittenz: How did the character popping work? You guys had a lot of costume changes up there.

Jason: Why is everyone looking at me?

Jade: One thing everyone said is important about sketch shows is that everyone has their time to shine. Everyone gets to do one crazy character and then we should all exist in each others universes. That was the big thing so when we were coming up with the brainstorming process we kind of pulled from our inspiration. We got a smart group here.

*Everyone claps*

Jason: We came i with sketches and Jade was like, “Who are the big characters and are they already in these sketches?” and if they were, we figured out ways to tie it into the story. I had written the private eye sketch and I don’t really play characters like that, I’m usually the straight man.

Sallie: Definitely weren’t the straight man in this one.

Ashley: We decided early on that whoever the victim was, that it was going to be an accident, and that Andrew Plock had to do the accidental death. Then we rotated around that with the idea of, “Who would have a reason to kill this guy”. Sallie wrote the Dodo character, who was originally 40.

Blitsy Kittenz: Great wigs for all of those characters. How was the wig process?

Ashley: Ryan’s the only one that doesn’t have to wear a wig.

Ryan: I change a shirt once

Jason: That is a tough transition. No, but it keeps me busy backstage. As opposed to other shows where you have so much downtime and you get in your head. I enjoy that I gotta go backstage and get into this and now that I’ve gotten so into the rhythm I have more down time.

Ryan: You and Bonnie definitely have a good little nook.

Sallie: Jason and Bonnie live on the other side of the stage.

Bonnie: We do like a dance like, “you go here and I go here”

Jason: I have a question, I know this is your interview, but I have to ask, Ryan, I always look over and you’re writing something on your notebook, what are you writing?

Ryan: Usually I’m writing the last line that I heard and then when I finish that, I write the next line that I hear. Otherwise what the fuck am I gonna do for 30 minutes? I’m just sitting there. I wanna look like an interviewer!

Jason: Okaaay, I thought you’d be writing your thoughts like, “This is going terribly”

Ryan: Sometimes I’ll write if there was a missed music cue.

Sallie: Also, I just want to go on the record and say that I have proposed to everyone in this group that we all stay together post show.

Ryan: So if we don’t, then everyone who reads this interview knows that it was not Sallie’s fault. 

Suspect: A True Crimedy takes it’s final bow Saturday, September 16th at 9:00 pm. You don’t wanna miss this hilarious group! Seriously.

Blitsy Kittenz is a fake character that interviews lovely people created by Emily Gee.Emily writes for the DCH blog and performs improv at Dallas Comedy House. She loves peanut butter, blooming lilies, her pup Gutter and the owner of the XBOX name: IceColdHofsicle. You can see Emily perform with Photobomb, Out of the Blue, Hot Swap, and the Family Friendly show.