Scoop on Sketch: Walker Sky

It was 103 degree and hotsy flotsy as Blitsy made her way down Main Street to Dallas Comedy House. She was on her way to interview Walker Sky, a real up and witty group of swanky doozles. The doozles being, Nick Scott, Brian Harrington, Collin Brown, Frank Buttafarro, Olivia Frasher, and Kim Kline. Blitsy sat on the leather couch in the P-Dogs green room when the real story began:

Blitsy Kittenz: Hey guys! How has everyone’s Walker experience been thus far?

Collin: It’s fun generating content at this pace. It’s much faster than when you’re in class or a Main Stage sketch show. By the time this goes up you’re already working on your next one.

Frank: Yea, I feel like everything is fresh. And we’re all tight on the material.

Brian: Yea, a show has a very short shelf life, you only get two shots and then you’re on to the next one whereas in a sketch revue you do the same stuff over and over. It’s nice to have the freshness to it. We wrote a show together and then we write another show together.

Frank: They can write anything and make it gold. Not me.

Blitsy Kittenz: So this is the opening for the second show, how did this feel compared to the first one?

Nick:  I wasn’t that nervous, but I wasn’t nervous the first time either.

Brian:  Yea, with this one,  I knew what to expect so any nerves I had with the first one, I didn’t have with this one.

Kim: This one was less stressful because we didn’t have to move as many chairs.

Frank: I was also excited because I got to be a hype man.

Collin: I didn’t know if the rap was going to land or not. I was nervous about that.

Frank: We got to grill an old lady in the front, it was great.

Collin: I looked at them during the rap and they were laughing. Not that, that’s my target audience.

Kim: Elizabeth (Burkhead) sat in the same chair she sat in for our first show.

Everyone: Consistency

Frank: Just know that we have to praise the Crystal Lord.

Blitsy Kittenz: Oh yea! How did that come about?

Collin: That was mine.

Brian: During rehearsal for the last show, he was watching a scene he wasn’t in and something just came to his brain, that couldn’t be...quelched? Is that a word?

Nick: Sure! I think quenched is the word you’re looking for.

Brian: Oh yea! So, he started writing it and pitched it 20 minutes later and we loved it and that’s became Crystal Kevin. I would just say that anyone who wants more practice writing, this is definitely a good idea. If you’re doing a normal show, you’ll write just a couple of sketches and that’s it.

Olivia: It’s nice to be constantly writing.

Collin: Also, shout out to just the sketch program! If you haven’t done it yet, you should do it. It’s the best, and if you’re like, “I only do improv”, it’s going to make you much better at improvising and identifying games.

Nick: The nice thing about Walker is you can treat all the material as test material, sort of? Whereas, with the other stuff, you’re working on it for months. With this you can quickly be like, “That worked! That didn’t work! I’ve learned from it”

Brian: It feels more like SNL and less like a play.

Frank: Shout out to SNL!

Blitsy Kittenz: That’s cool, so are you going to edit anything in this show before you perform it next week?

Nick: Probably not much, there will be tiny tweaks but we won’t go back and be like, “You need to rewrite this!”

Brian: I feel like if we did that it would be a waste of time because you never know when an edit is going to land with a new crowd.

Nick: Yea! The next crowd may have completely different taste from the last crowd and the stuff that you cut might be the perfect thing for them.

Olivia: I feel like you can take weirder risks doing this.

Collin: Yea, come see our Silent sketch show!

Walker Sky has a show on Wednesday, September 20th at Dallas Comedy House at 9:30P and again in November. Walker Nights are every Wednesday at 9:30P, always with a different set of teams.

Blitsy Kittenz is a fake character that interviews lovely people created by Emily Gee. Emily writes for the DCH blog and performs improv at Dallas Comedy House. She loves peanut butter, blooming lilies, her pup Gutter and the owner of the XBOX name: IceColdHofsicle. You can see Emily perform with Photobomb, Out of the Blue, Rapid Weight Gain and the Family Friendly show.