New Troupe/Old Troupe: Ladybird’s Johnson and Primary Colours

If you haven’t heard of Ladybird’s Johnson yet, you probably will soon. As of this writing, they are two victories into their King Of The Mountain run. For their first victory, they knocked off a troupe going for that golden fourth victory, with which you retire undefeated.

The rise of Ladybird’s Johnson, which is made up of Marissa Nieto, Camille Long, Brittany Mason, Lara Gough, and Emily Ball, is as inevitable as they are ruthless. I hope they look favorably, or at least piteously, upon yours truly when the reckoning comes.

If you haven’t heard of Primary Colours, but you’re reading this nonetheless, than you’re probably a Googlebot webscraper. Index away! Or maybe you’re just new to DCH. If you complete the program, it’s almost certain you will end up with one of Primary Colours as a teacher or a TA. I see them as DCH royalty and you should watch them ASAP. Every Friday at 10:30pm. They are Lindsay Power, Ashley Bright, Patrick Hennessy, Rob Howe, Sallie Bowen, Andrew Plock, and Colten Winburn.

So what questions might Ladybird’s Johnson have for Primary Colours? Oh, looks like I have both questions and answers right here!

Ladybird’s Johnson: What is the Primary Colours origin story?

Primary Colours: Primary Colours started because Tim Brewer wanted to start a harold team at DCH. It was winter of 2013. Ashley, Colten, and Rob are the only original members left in Dallas. Other divisions of PC are in LA, NYC, and Austin. 

LJ: What tips/advice do you have for maintaining a successful troupe for so long?

PC: Love. Determination. Practicing at 9am on Sundays. Shenanigans. Sleepovers. Closing a hellmouth together is a good way to bond.

LJ: Have you always performed with the current format or have other formats been used?

PC: Always riding the surfboard named Harold.

LJ: How do you make sure everyone's voice is heard with so many strong players onstage?

PC: PC is one voice. But whether it's to shut up and listen or take the football and run - just jump on board.

LJ: We've heard you're very diligent and disciplined about having practice -- are the rumors true? Is this one of the keys to being an amazing troupe?

PC: The verdict is out, but it does make you friends. We do our best. Commitment to each other is key. 

LJ: If pc was a kangaroo, what would you keep in your pouch?

PC: Loose change and a cookie for Rob to get a boost from a long Friday.

(Patrick Hennessy answered “On dat baby pic,” and so he was:)

(Patrick Hennessy answered “On dat baby pic,” and so he was:)

LJ: As big fans, we've loved every show we've ever seen you perform! Do you all have a favorite Primary Colours show?

PC: Our goodbye shows when someone moves away. Sarah and Jerrell's final show was probably the most PC groupbrained show of all time with such great moments that I'll never forget.

LJ: Please draw a picture of Primary Colors baby.

Primary Colours performs every Friday at 10:30p at DCH. Ladybird's Johnson next show in King of the Mountain is Sunday, September 10th at 7:30p. 

Kevin Beane graduated from the DCH improv program in 2016 and is in the DCH troupe Preschool Fight Club. He also cohosts Quizprov, and performs in the Dallas-area troupe Autocomplete. He likes sports, eating, sleeping, board games, poker, euchre, and procrastinating. He hails from Akron, Ohio.