Madison Meets People: Celeste Perez

I selfishly created this blog series so I could meet people at DCH that I would not normally get the chance to meet, and it has been everything I was hoping for and more, HORAAY FOR NEW FRIENDS. This week, I got the pleasure of sitting down with Celeste Perez, level three improv student, to continue my blog series of Madison Meets People!

Madison: First of all, tell us a little about yourself? Hometown? Occupation?

Celeste: I’m from here and I am a freelance artist! I work in freelance video and film at Arts Mission Oak Cliff. I studied theater in college so I used to do Shakespeare in the park. This woman had directed me and just happened to be looking for people to work for her, so I applied!

Celeste in Bali 

Celeste in Bali 

M: How'd you find DCH?

C: Payton Forrest (a DCH performer) actually, she and I did Shakespeare in the park together. I was really afraid of improv in college, but I did a clowning workshop last summer in Bali. I realized I didn’t know how to improvise. They would ask me to make something up on the spot and nothing would come out.

M: Wait what?! Let’s talk about this clowning in Bali, how was that?

C: The hardest month in of my life. We would work for 14-16 hours a day.  I missed friends birthdays, I mean I never got to talk to anyone. I wouldn’t be able to answer their texts and they’d would get mad at me.

M: How did you find clowning in Bali?

C: My professor recommended it to me, we studied a lot of different things while I was there; it was a study abroad class. I was scared because I had never left the country before. I had a 10 hour layover in Singapore, and had no idea what I was doing.

M: If I’m at the airport by myself for even an hour I start to panic, so I get it.. What is the coolest country you’ve been to?

C: Bali, we were so busy that I didn’t get to spend a ton of time in other countries.

M: Aw bummer! Well, has taking improv classes helped you so far?

C: So much. I really feel like I’m learning, and it’s even better that it fits in with my freelance film field.

M: Do you have a particular favorite thing about DCH?

C: I think that the improv jam is really cool. I got really lucky that I get to intern on Tuesdays, the jam is such a cool thing to have because if you’re not sure about improv or if you’re not in a troupe, it’s a good place to go and perform. I also really like the mix of expertise.

M: Do you have any favorite troupes or DCH improvisors you like to watch?

C: Definitely Sallie, Patrick, and of course Payton. I love watching Mom Jean's, those three ladies are hilarious.  I also love watching the Gentlemen, too. I mean I have to say Ahmed, the first show I saw him play in he was a super sassy Express employee and it was hilarious.

M: Yeah, I can see Ahmed rocking that character for sure, what about non DCH comedians?

C: Right now, I just keep watching Aly Wong over and over again. Baby Cobra gets me anytime I’m sad. I am always a fan of Megan Mullally, she’s brilliant. I feel like all of the female comedians I really like are comedians that people don’t really know, they’re more like Twitter famous.

M: Where can people see you perform?

C: Level 3 showcase, in a few months… I just finished level two.

M: Well, until then I will tell everyone you can catch you working hard as an intern on Tuesdays.

Celeste Perez is a level three improv student. You can catch her working hard as an intern on Tuesdays, checking ID’s, stamping hands and chatting with everyone that comes in. Stop by and meet her!

Madison Frihart is a graduate of the Dallas Comedy House improv and sketch program. You can find her working Corporate Training and Private Events for DCH or performing improv and sketch in Impractical Magic, Makin’ Whoopie, Queso Queens and Walker Mall.