Madison Meets People: Josh Schneider

This week on Madison Meets People, I got to sit down with Josh Schneider, Level Two improv student here at DCH! While talking with Josh he shared this incredible blog entry he wrote on what he expected he’d learn in improv classes and what he did learn after. I would highly recommend reading it right here:

How did you find DCH?

Josh not at the jam.    

Josh not at the jam. 


Lisa Michalsky (a performer at DCH!) We met through mutual friends one night while we played cards against humanity, then a little while later my friend Angela invited me to go with her to an improv show and it was ended up being Lisa’s! So, I ended up signing up for classes, and started bringing my kids up here for the Family Friendly Show!

In your blog post about improv, which is so good by the way, you wrote about what you expected before you took classes and what you learned after, was it all what you expected?

Some of it, yes! I went in thinking these will be the things I’ll learn, but then I got even more that I wasn’t expecting. I was interested in the mechanics of it and the “yes and” part of it. In past relationships I was accused of not “yes anding” during conversations because my mind was already on to the next thing, so I wanted to work on that part of me.

What part of improv has helped you the most?

I’m a little ADD and I need to stop following all the shiny thoughts, and stay in the present. It’s something that I wanted to figure out and that’s why I appreciate things DCH has like the jam and classes because I get to work on things for that.  I think, hey if I can figure it out on stage, then I can figure it out in other places throughout my life too.

The whole core of improv is support, and that is my back end of explaining this community. Everyone is super supportive of each other. Being an intern has been great because we all have the same improv background and it’s so nice to have a group of people that didn’t complain and supported each other every night.  I remember we were taking out the trash one night and played an improv game on the way there are it was so fun.

Do you have any comedic idols?

Steve Martin, L.A. Story is one of my favorite movies. Its super quotable.

Any favorite troupes to watch at DCH?

I am inclined to say Midnight Passion. They’re very fun to watch, there are so many fun personalities to watch, but honestly, I haven’t seen a bad troupe that’s why I was so excited to host as an intern the other night, I was so excited I got to introduce them all!

Would you recommend DCH to other friends?

I generally do, I’m usually always at DCH on jam nights so I try and go up and introduce myself to any new people I see up there.

Where can people see you perform?

The jam every Tuesday!

Is there anything else you’d like the world to know?

I’m really enjoying myself.  Donald my classmate and I were talking after our first class about it because we got into it for the same reason, we didn’t have a lot going on. I’ve gotten to meet so many people, it’s a great community.

Madison Frihart is a graduate of the Dallas Comedy House improv and sketch program. You can find her working Corporate Training and Private Events for DCH or performing improv and sketch in Impractical Magic, Makin’ Whoopie, Queso Queens and Walker Mall.