Interns of the Weeks: Ella Hedger and Chandler Pennington!

Raye Maddox here, Intern Manager, with another exciting set of interviews for the latest edition of “Interns of the Weeks!” This is the space I use to celebrate and focus on members of our lovely House Intern Crews here at Dallas Comedy House. Every week House Managers nominate fine folk for this prestigious position, which nets them show tickets, bar tabs, and MORE, LIKE THIS INTERVIEW.

Let’s hop into a Question and Answer and question the past two week’s Intern of the Week for answers: Ella Hedger and Chandler Pennington!

(On the Left: Ella caught at a hip and cool Dance Party? On the Right: Chandler hanging out poolside with Lindsay Lohan (off-camera)

(On the Left: Ella caught at a hip and cool Dance Party? On the Right: Chandler hanging out poolside with Lindsay Lohan (off-camera)

Where is your hometown?

Ella: Arlington, Texas

Chandler: Richardson, Texas

What level of classes are you in?

E: Improv Level 1.

C: I’ll be starting Level 1 improv soon, and I’m so excited!

What’s something you’re passionate about?

E:  Emotional Health.

C: I’m passionate about theatre. I recently graduated with a theatre degree and I’m a playwright. I love the process of starting with a blank page and working all the way to a live production. For fun I recently completed a challenge to write a new ten minute play every day for fifty days. Most of them were bad.

What’s the best food?

E: Twin Peaks queso is just the most incredible queso there is known to man, and it’s not even authentic!

C: The best food is mall or airport food court Chinese food. Especially when it’s a place that doesn’t get a lot of business, so when you walk up they’re just stoked to see you and dump pounds of sesame chicken in your box.

What’s the worst candy?

E: 3 Musketeers are the worst because it’s all one big mouthful of dense nougat, just unpleasant.

C: The worst candy is candy that’s spicy. I’m never ready for it.

Favorite movie?

E: Stranger Than Fiction because Will Ferrell in a drama is incredible, and it has an incredible plot that develops in the most interesting way!

C: My favorite movie is Mean Girls. I believe it is the perfect movie. I challenge anyone to find a flaw in the movie Mean Girls. To my knowledge, no one has.

What’s just the worst?

E: People who are rude to their food servers!

C: When something kinda bad happens and you complain about it and someone’s like, “Come on, it’s not the end of the world.” Lots of really bad things weren’t the end of the world. Actually nothing has been the end of the world. So what, we shouldn’t complain about anything? What would we talk about?

What’s some good advice?

E: Always listen and be aware; and learn from your negative experiences, turn everything into an experience that shapes you to be a better person!

C: Don’t freak out too much. But don’t not freak out at all either. Freak out the appropriate amount. And go vote on November 6th.

Ella Hedger is a lovely and fashionable lady! She also just had her Improv Level 1 Showcase! Catch her running around on Wednesday nights, usually in the back of the PDogs theater!

Chandler Pennington is always ready to rock! Check out his Improv Level 1 Showcase whenever that happens in the future! You can find him on Thursday nights, sometimes at the Box Office or the Podium!

Raye Maddox is the Assistant to Apple and Nut Consumption at Dallas Comedy House. Have you SEEN Hereditary? Bonkers film with bonker scary stuff! Not for the faint of heart. You can catch him do improv in Midnight Passion, Kill Me Please, Gerald, and Don’t Broke Not Fixin’.