Introducing The Casts Of The Newest Ewing Teams: Fern & Mahogany

ewing fern and mahogany.jpg

Dallas Comedy House is proud to announce the latest additions to the house improv team program!

November 1st will see the debut of the Ewing teams: Fern and Mahogany. Every two months, the Ewing program brings together talented students and veteran players to create improv teams that perform each Thursday night at 9:30 pm. The current Ewing team, Razzmatazz, can be seen weekly at this time through the end of October.

Ewing team Fern will feature Donald Bennett, Madeline Crank, Shannon Smith Grant, Kaitlin Sands, Ryan Sewell, David Tsai, and Nathaniel Weathersby. The team will be coached by DCH stalwart Ashley Bright. Bright has coached countless teams during her time, including the Ewing teams Heat Wave, Clementine, and Magenta. A well rounded performer with a keen eye for heightening and emotion, Ashley currently performs with Genie, Man Woman Pizza, Pretty People With Problems, Primary Colours, and The Rift.

Ewing team Mahogany will feature Emma Arett, Carlos Ayala, Chris Fine, Grant MacManus, Payton Price, Jay Reed, Humberto Serrano, and Jasmine West. The team will be coached by DCH quiet person David Allison. Allison coached the Ewing teams Orange and Watermelon, plus he currently performs with Ballast Point, David & Terry, Gerald, and The Rift.

"Fern is a deck of wildcards. I honestly cannot wait to see what they shuffle up and deal out,” coach Ashley Bright said. “I don't have any more playing card analogies, but I really am very excited to get to know this team!"

Congratulations to all of these fantastic performers! For tickets to any of their upcoming shows, visit