Interns of the Weeks: Caroline Herlihy and Danny Blast!

Raye Maddox here, Intern Manager, here with another DVR-primed episode of Intern of the Weeks, the blog where I get to focus on excellent member of our Nightly House Crews! This eighteenth episode focuses on two of our newer faces: Caroline Herlihy and Danny Blast!

(On the Left: Caroline about to sit down at a baseball game! Did you know she owns the Texas Rangers? On the Right: Danny about to enter the Games Wing at his luxurious mansion.)

(On the Left: Caroline about to sit down at a baseball game! Did you know she owns the Texas Rangers? On the Right: Danny about to enter the Games Wing at his luxurious mansion.)

Where is your hometown?

Caroline: Originally from Boston but moved down to Dallas this summer.

Danny: Allen TX, home of the most chain restaurants per capita in the state...I think.

What level of classes are you in?

C: Level 1 Improv

D: Level 3 Improv. Where we learn the Ewing method...thus answering the age old question: “who killed JR Ewing?”-me. I do. I kill things called Ewing.

What’s something you’re passionate about?

C: Learning - I'm very curious and love to explore those curiosities by either reading/listening to podcasts, talking to people knowledgeable in those areas, and the human guinea pig approach of just trying things and learning from the experience and mistakes made along the way.

D: Cars! You’ll have to cut my right arm off before I drive a car without a manual transmission. Nobody gets away with knowing me without begrudgingly learning how to change tires and jump start a car.

What’s the best food?

C: Tostitos with a hint of lime are game changing.

D: Thai Food...extra spicy. I love Thai food and rom-coms have taught me that love is pain.

What’s the worst candy?

C: Those orange circus peanuts always freaked me out..

D: Mounds/Almond Joy. Coconut is the devil's dandruff and it has no place in food, let alone candy. If nuts were soda, almonds would be Pepsi when you ask for a Coke. So, covering almonds with gross sadness flakes and then coating it in what can only be described as the concept of chocolate creates a truly insulting confectionary experience.

Favorite movie?

C: Bridesmaids. I think it's one of the funniest movies of our time and I still crack up every time I watch it.

D: Top Gun. I watched it every Tuesday for an entire summer with friends. It’s a halfway decent movie, but if the fact that a new Pokémon movie starring Ryan Reynolds is coming out means anything, nostalgia is a potent force.

What’s just the worst?

C: Flight delays. I was stranded in the airport for 27 hours causing me to miss all possible connecting flights to Punta Cana. Never forget spring break Raleigh Durham Airport 2017.  

D: Follow me on this one: when you are in traffic and the car in front of you jams on the gas, then slams on the brakes when the car in front of it slows down, then proceeds to jam on the gas again, only to subsequently slam on the brakes...followed by an emphatic use of throttle, punctuated by an aggressive application of the brakes.

What’s some good advice?

C: Be authentic, consistent and patient.

D: If someone hurts your feelings, it’s typically not AT you. It’s most likely that they did something for themselves without the primary intent being hurting your feelings. Don’t immediately assume malicious intent.

Caroline Herlihy continually knocks everything out of the park! There’s a whole side of interning she seems to just intuitively understands! I can’t explain it! Her friendly disposition and can-do attitude should be bottled up and sold!

Danny Blast dressed up as Miami Vice on Halloween and nobody should ever forget that! This dude is basically a cop of a intern and can take charge with anything! Don’t mess with him, but also like, talk to the guy, because Danny is nice!

Raye Maddox is the Intern Manager and the Assistant to Cranberry Moscow Mules Intake. Oh no, he just remembered Aquaman comes out on December 15th. Woo boy, let’s all prepare for that. He performs in the improv troupes Midnight Passion, Kill Me Please!, Gerald, and Don’t Broke Not Fixin’!