So Good To Be Bad by Michaela McInerney

Comedy is comedy is comedy. Kind of. Different facets of the comedy community have different rules, but a shared goal. Get the laugh. There’s just something about making someone do a deep belly laugh that feels so. dang. good. Seriously, think back to the last time you made someone chortle. Wasn’t it awesome? Example A: attempting to use the word chortle seriously, in a very (un)serious comedy blog post. We each have our own style, crafted over years from chasing that laugh.

A pro of being involved with both improv and standup, is that I have twice as many attempts to make the pretty people of Dallas Comedy House chortle it up.  Plus, I have fun. I met and continue to meet people who are supportive, as well as insightful, about their comedy careers. That was the good. Now for the bad, there’s also a serious learning curve. Why would there not be? As an adult, we tend to not do many new things. Being bad at something feels exactly that way – feelsbadman. Life is already a lot to juggle, so throwing more opportunity to make mistakes may come off as a little irrational, at first. It did to me.

I’ve previously tried my hand at improv comedy as a youngin’, so it wasn’t completely new to me when I decided to take my first class at DCH. I tried it, liked it, got slowly better, and then wanted to be really bad at something again. Something I’ve never done. Cue stand up comedy. With stand up, I was/am a noob. I’ve learned one thing though, it’s hard to talk for 5 minutes straight. While being funny. While holding a mic. Like really, really hard. You want to have humor that is relatable, yet also very personal to you. Two things that make for a very fine line to draw in the comedy sand.

The crafting of five minutes of material, has taken me roughly six times as many hours. 30 hours for you non-mathers (that’s not a crack at Eminem, I’m sure Marshall can multiply as well as he can rap). That’s 1,800 great learning minutes and some wonderful moments of introspection. I had to be raw and honest. I had to poke fun at myself if I was going to do that. Just like in fitness, no pain equals no gain. On Tuesday, February 20th at 7:00 p.m., I’m going to go on stage and talk for five minutes in my first stand up showcase to get that chortle. And it’s going to be scary to bad at something again, but as David Guetta once said – feels so good to be bad.

Michaela is a full-time jokester and a part-time blog intern for the Dallas Comedy House. She is currently in her first class in stand-up comedy and  in level 3 improv at DCH. If you’re in need of someone to laugh at puns with, she’s unfortunately your best option. You can catch her drinking a double vodka soda and guffawing at nearly every Tuesday night Improv jam – stop by and say hi.