Madison Meets People: Summer Berman

This week on Madison Meets People, I got to sit down with Summer Berman, and I had so much fun that the conversation below hops all over the place. Sit down, settle in, and read the latest edition of MADISON MEETS PEOPLE.

Madison: First, tell us a little about yourself? Where you’re from, that kind of thing...

Summer saying "yes, and" to a turkey leg. 

Summer saying "yes, and" to a turkey leg. 

Summer: I’m from the suburbs of Dallas, OH, and my name is Summer Berman. I am a stay at home mom to a 6-year-old and a 3-year-old. I dig it. Before that I worked at non-profits and taught rock vocals to kids which was super fun.

M: That is so cool that you did rock vocals, I have never heard of that, what does that entail?

S: It’s called for Those About to Rock, basically kids would come in that don’t want to play piano, they don’t want to play cello, they want to rock.

M: Sorry to ask so many questions right off the bat, that’s just so interesting to me.

C: Oh no, it was cool. I was really nervous at first because I had never taught kids before, I love kids. I just hadn’t taught them before. The owner told me that he really thought I could do it, and it was really cool because a lot of my students ended up being teenage girls, so I really got to bond with them. For example, if they were having a bad day, I would just change the lesson to us just talking and putting that emotion into their music. Now I see them graduating from high school, going to law school, and it’s just been a really rewarding experience. Sorry, I keep looking at the tape recorder like it’s going to do something to me.

M: HAHA I know, it’s such a weird thing to have sitting here when we’re just chatting.

S: Sorry, but yeah, it’s been cool to work with my kids on music, too. I mean, it’s weird to see your daughters face light up when she hears Motley Crew.

M: That’s so great. So, is your son six and your daughter three, or the other way around?

S: My daughter is six! And actually, she has been to three summers of Kid’s Improv Camp here at DCH! So, she has done more improv than I have. She loves it.

M: Oh yeah, the kids summer improv camp is so much fun, and they learn so much.

S: Oh yeah, right when she was old enough I signed her up. I think every kid should have to go to an improv camp. Just socially, if you talk too much it helps you listen more; if you don’t talk enough, it helps you speak up more. I have told so many parents about this improv camp. I know they’re tired of me talking about it, but I’m like, no your child needs to go.

M: Yeah! It’s great for them, and they’re good at it! I do the Family Friendly shows up here once in a while and they out improv me all the time. I’m like woah that was a smart move, how’d you think to do that?

S: Oh yeah, I feel the same, and now my three-year old’s birthday is in October and the minute he is old enough, he will be in the camp, too. It’s just such an unusual thing, I mean when I tell people about it they’re like, what that exists? And I just think more people need to know about it!

M: Well I know your kid’s love it here, but how are you liking taking classes here at DCH?

S: Oh my gosh, I love it. It’s so weird though because it should be something that is super intimidating but it’s not, John and Kenzie my level one teacher and TA do an amazing job.

M: Has what you’ve learned through improv so far helped you in your real life?

S: I’ve noticed that I have gotten better at slowing down, taking a breath and being like “hey, slow down, give someone else a shot to say something.”  

M: That’s exactly how it helped me. Sorry I keep like moving around, this is sad but I’m really sore from holding Maggie’s baby yesterday.

S: OH MY GOSH, the pictures she posts of Martha Jean cracks me up! It’s so funny, the faces she gives are just like she doesn’t have time for any of us, and it’s so hilarious. The one she just posted of the two babies together, was just like WHAT’S HAPPENING?! IT’S SO CUTE.

M: Oh yes, that was Christie and Tommy’s baby, Ella. They perform here too!

S: Gosh, so many cute babies. It’s so funny when they don’t smile like that in pictures considering who their parents are.

M: I know, it’s so great. Dang it. I got off topic again, sorry. What is your daughter’s favorite things about the DCH summer camps?

S: I think it’s the bonding with the teachers. She always talks about how much she loves her teachers, and she also loves getting to hang out with other kids. You know something I did notice that I really liked too. It was when they were do things as a large group, the older kids would hang out with the younger kids. There really was not separation, the older kids would help the littles and that’s something you really don’t see a lot. The high schoolers really made a point to reach out to the little kids, and it’s amazing to see.

M: Well, I know you have to get to class, so I will let you go, but when can people see you perform?

S: I have my Level One showcase on March 2nd at 7:00!

Summer Berman is a Level One Improv student. You can catch her running around with her two adorable kids or making new friends literally everywhere she goes!

Madison Frihart is a graduate of the Dallas Comedy House improv and sketch program. You can find her working Corporate Training and Private Events for DCH or performing improv and sketch in Impractical Magic, Makin’ Whoopie, Queso Queens, and Walker Mall.