A Band of Besties by Michaela McInerney

Walking into the Dallas Comedy House for the first time, I will admit that I was a little, as the kids say, lit. I was there for a Bearded Buddies Karaoke night. (Which is SUPER fun, by the way, you should go to the next one, just saying.) It was comprised of the soft crooning of Baby Got Back, paired with dance moves that could only be described as both graceful and slightly gyrating, and certainly captivating. There was pizza. There was a full crowd. There was the opportunity for me to rap Bonfire by Childish Gambino to make a fool of myself. Most importantly though, there was an obvious community. People I’d never seen before cheered for me. They cheered for everyone. Being happy to be there was palpable. It felt as though, everyone knew everyone. I would slowly learn this to be true in my own journey at DCH.

A group of pals at DCH Homecoming. Photo by Kaspars Skels

A group of pals at DCH Homecoming. Photo by Kaspars Skels

The faces you see walking into 3025 Main Street, will alter from night to night, but come back enough and you’ll learn name after name. The community here lends itself to three words: supportive, creative, and as an overarching theme, hilarious. If I could throw in a very flexible expletive before that last word, it would be thoroughly deserved. Each of the performers takes pride in the craft that they came to hone. This leads to a lot of seriousness among the laughs. In very good way. The most obvious example of this being the courses offered on almost every night by tenured (and once again, very funny) comedians. Each course is led by teacher and their teacher’s assistant. There are courses offered in Storytelling, Improvisational Comedy, Stand-up Comedy, Sketch, and various workshops webbed into niches of each. What I’m really trying to say is that there’s something for everyone. Every Sam, Taylor, and Jesse, has a spot for them. Regardless of the intent to make a career out of comedy, or just the hunt for a solid laugh and some better friends, you’ll find a community willing to support you.

I found myself at the free improv class. You know, the one that’s hosted every last Wednesday of the month. I had convinced a friend to go with and be my emotional support, only a few months after the Bearded Buddies embarrassment extravaganza. I had a blast. I signed up for an improv class. What I thought would be a few fun, yet studious, weeks with some people that I’d thought I’d only get to know enough to add on Facebook, turned into a band of besties. People that I laughed until I cried with. Alongside these people I felt brave enough to enhance myself at improv jams, showcases, and events around DCH. I was/am there almost every night. It was/is awesome. I met more people, wonderful people, doing the same thing. I got to know hopes, dreams, jokes, and plenty of names of the people holding on to each of them. Now, walking around 3025 Main Street on any ol’ day, I see friends. If you happen to swing by, feel free to say hello and make a few friends – come back any time, the community will be waiting.

Michaela is a full-time jokester and a part-time blog intern for the Dallas Comedy House. She is currently signed up for her first class in stand-up comedy and level 3 improv at DCH. If you’re in need of someone to laugh at puns with, she’s unfortunately your best option. You can catch her drinking a double vodka soda and guffawing at nearly every Tuesday night Improv jam – stop by and say hi.