#2018DCF: Jason’s To-See List

[Photo by: James Khattak

[Photo by: James Khattak

People all the time come up to me and say, “Jason, what show should I see at the Dallas Comedy Festival?” Of course, I reply, “See them all!” I mean, fire up your cloning device and create multiple versions of yourself so you can. How hard is it? Jeez.

Really, though, I’m excited about seeing as many shows as possible. Still, you want guidance, and I can offer that. So here are some specific shows to check out at DCF this year. Click on each act’s name to learn more about them.  

Hailing from all the way north in Edmonton, Alberta, is sketch troupe Marv n’ Berry who will bring their witty and absurd characters to the festival on Thursday at 9 p.m. In the same time slot is Hot Pot Comedy, a super funny all-Asian sketch troupe hailing from all the way south in Austin, Texas.  

On Friday, come to the 8 p.m. stand-up showcase. It features comedians Brian Bahe, Mike Devore, Drew Lausch, and Kevin Sean, all who present strong, provocative, and hilarious points of view.

There are also some awesome acts performing in the Regal Room at Independent Bar & Kitchen on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. First up will be San Francisco-based act Jackson Soup, whose commitment to characters is impressive. Dallas’ own Pavlov’s Dogs performs second and always puts on a solid show. Rounding out the bill is Chicago-based duo Danny & Arnold, who DCH graduate Byron Dow highly recommends, sending me a glowing testimonial about them when we opened up submissions. He’s right. They’re great.   

We had a record number of submissions for this year’s festival. That’s wonderful, because more acts mean more variety and more opportunities for the event’s producers to bring in great shows for everyone to enjoy. Here’s hoping you discover your next favorite act at the 2018 Dallas Comedy Festival.

Jason Hensel likes books, bacon, and performing in his troupes .f.a.c.e., The 1995 Chicago Bulls, Ye Olde Comedie Guilde, and Don't Broken, Not Fixin.