Mic Moments: Jon Minjoe

Jon probably in the middle of self-deprecation. 

Jon probably in the middle of self-deprecation. 

Hilarious Jon Minjoe is a talented stand-up comedian at Dallas Comedy House! Jon and I took the Stand-Up Level 1 class at DCH about two years ago where he was truly the best in our class (sorry other former classmates who are most likely not reading this so why am I even apologizing but just in case) and he continues to practice his craft today. See him in action this Friday at DCH at 10PM!

Danielle: What made you start doing stand-up?

Jon: My girlfriend at the time, now wife, bought [the class] for me for Christmas. It was one of those things, like most stand-ups I imagine, where throughout their lives people say, “Well you’re funny. You should try this kind of thing.” I’ve been consistent at DCH at getting up and trying to find time to write… I get opportunities when I’m on vacation up in Michigan to do bar shows and stuff like that.

Danielle: Is that where you’re from, Michigan?

Jon: Just about 40 minutes straight north of Detroit in a tiny town called Romeo [and] the only reason people know about it is because Kid Rock is from Romeo. So I’m literally like the second most famous person from there and that’s not me being egotistical, it’s just that small of a town. No one really leaves all that much. And it’s awesome. I love it and I love going home.

Danielle: How would you describe your type of humor?

Jon: I think where I’m at now, it’s mainly self-deprecating. I tell a lot of stories about how pathetic and awful I am. I think that it’s because I’ve only been doing stand-up for a year-and-a-half now and I’m trying to find my voice and everything. I do wade into political and social issues that I find interesting. I like to mainly talk about my life and just my warped vision of how I see it.

Danielle: Gotcha. Do you have a process for writing?

Jon: No, and if anybody else does, I hope they share it with me. I’ve been horrible. And it’s not just comedy, it’s mainly life. I’m very much a wing-it kind of guy. I actually text message myself when I come up with an idea, but it’s usually just three words so the next day I’ll be like, “What the hell was I thinking here?”

Danielle: So would you say you’re pretty comfortable on stage?

Jon: I did musical theater, theater, choir, all that kind of stuff my whole life. I was always on stage. That’s why I gravitate back towards doing this kind of thing because I miss performing. So it’s not nerve-racking. The thing about stand-up that took some getting used to was even in music, you go up and do a solo and that’s the most aggressive way to go up in front of an audience-- like I need five minutes of your time because I’m so good. And stand-up’s very much the same way, like you can’t hide behind anything. But the difference is that in stand-up, the audience is just, by default, not on your side.

Danielle: It’s probably because people come in thinking, “I don’t know how to play an instrument, so this guy’s probably good,” but everyone knows how to talk.

Jon: Yeah, everybody thinks they have a funny joke, and I’m sure when they’re with their friends and they tell a 27-minute long story that there’s some humorous things.

Danielle: What’s a memorable moment you’ve had at an open mic or a show?

Jon: I’d say the first Friday Night show I did at DCH was a lot of fun just because it felt like I wasn’t doing an open mic or a showcase for class. Scott Crisp, the headliner, was so nice and so kind to me backstage. The last Friday Night show I did, my sister flew down for it and she is very much the female version of me. We are loud and out of control and having her there was just really really cool.

Danielle: Cool! Who’s your favorite comedian?

Jon: I’d have to say probably Brian Regan mainly because that’s the first comedian I fell in love with. When I heard one of his opening jokes from a main CD back in the day which was that he doesn’t know how to use the “you, too” phrase properly. Like if you go to an airport: “Have a good flight!” “You, too!” That is a very interesting observation. I like Pablo Francisco because of all the voices. I tend to gravitate to comedians who are not like me, like Norm Macdonald.

Danielle: What can the crowd look forward to for your show on Friday?

Jon: They can look forward to me hosting, which may not be their perfect dream but ya know, it’s there. Then we’ve got Marilou Canon, Mitchell Clemons, and Dexter Givens, who is the headliner. And I’m excited because I’ve never met any of them! And not to mention, it’s Friday the 13th. What could go wrong?

Jon Minjoe has been doing comedy for just over a year and is looking forward to his 4th Friday Night Stand Up show at DCH on April 13th. He also longs for attention so you should probably go up to him and say “hello” if you see him around!

Danielle Seright is a graduate of The Dallas Comedy House training program, including improv, stand-up and sketch. You can catch her hosting the DCH Improv Jam, running tech for DCH shows, performing with improv troupe All In and doing stand-up around DFW.