An Update From Amanda Austin

Hi. Amanda here from Dallas Comedy House. I wanted to take a moment to fill you in on what's happening at DCH. Before I do, I want to say thank you. A sincere, heartfelt thank you. A thank you to everyone who has reached out and offered their support, their services, their time, and their resources. I've always loved and believed in DCH, but I never truly knew how many people believed in it until this past week. Seeing everyone's love, dedication, and support for Dallas Comedy House has only amplified my inspiration to keep doing this work so that more people have a chance to experience what DCH is all about. 

An update: We are operating as usual. Our next round of classes are up for registration. Our corporate program is still going strong. Weekly shows are happening and we've got more sweet drink specials coming your way. 

A lot of the services we provide at DCH happen in these buildings, but Dallas Comedy House is more than just walls. We're wrapping up our first decade of business and will celebrate 10 years this coming January. I look forward to starting a new decade of laughter, support, and community with every one of you. 

In the meantime, I'll be teaching the monthly free improv class this Wednesday, April 25th @ 7p. If you've ever wanted to see what our program is all about, come for the free class and stay for the fun.