Congrats To The New Ewing Teams!

Dallas Comedy House would like to congratulate the members of the newest Ewing teams, Peanut Butter and Jelly! The Ewing program produces new house improv teams that can be seen each week. This latest batch of performers will debut on Thursday, May 3rd at 9:30 pm.

Ewing Peanut Butter will be coached by DCH veteran Gabriel Vasquez, who currently performs with Intruder, The Rift, CLR, and Topical Storm. Vasquez brings a fantastic mix of acting experience and absurdity that will likely be calling cards for Peanut Butter. The team will feature Aja Anderson, Maddie George, Chris Hansen, Jay Reed, Mark Trelstad, and Shelby Whiteside-Brandt.

Ewing Jelly will be coached by another DCH mainstay Beth Yankuner, who currently performs with Sunglow and Ye Olde Comedy Guilde. Yankuner is a fan favorite at the theater and will create a team that is all about creating a great time! Their roster includes Quinn Angell, Donald Bennett, Ellen Fultz, Alex Knight, Darcy Littlefield, Humberto Serrano, and Ryan Zarra.  

“I’m so excited that I’ve been eating nothing but jelly for the past few weeks,” said Yankuner. “Only jelly, not jam. A jam is a completely different thing that happens every Tuesday at 8.”

The current DCH house improv teams, Daffodil and Dandelion, can be seen each Thursday at 9:30, with their Ewing run coming to a close on April 26th.