Mic Moments: Brian Breckenridge


Polished Brian Breckenridge is a staple of the DFW DIY comedy scene. Like many talented stand-ups, he’s humble about himself and kind in person. Not only does he perform, he’s regularly booked and hosted stand-up shows for years. Brian’s a powerhouse that you can see in person this Friday at DCH!

Danielle: So how much stand-up are you doing these days?

Brian: A lot. I book my own shows at a venue out in Fort Worth called Main at South Side. We’re averaging about two to three shows per month [and] then whatever else I can get booked on. Sometimes I’ll go down to Austin and do a show. It’s easier for me to do shows in other cities than DFW. Hence why I started booking my own shows. Also because I want to bring in comedians from out-of-town and give them a good spot in DFW to play at. The venue I found is just conducive to what I want to do.

Danielle: Is that a new bar? Because I know you were at Sunshine [in Arlington.]

Brian: I was at Sunshine for three years and put on a monthly show. I was pretty limited in what I could do. The bar gave me a Saturday night which I was very thankful for but I couldn’t charge a cover because I had to build an audience so I was kind of limited.

Danielle: How long have you been doing stand-up now?

Brian: I like to say 10+ years because I can’t nail down a specific date. Like halfway though, I would take months off at a time. The last two years have been my best. I’ve found what it is I really want to do in comedy, and booking shows as well.

Danielle: Why did you start doing comedy?

Brian: [My best friend from high school] was like, “Let’s go to an open mic!” So we went to Backdoor. I was nervous as hell but after that, I was like, “I love this!” I’d go to all the open mics all I could. [I’d] try to hit up multiple cities and just ate it up.

Danielle: Do you still feel that nervousness from the first time?

Brian: Not from the first time, and especially not for an open mic. But for a show-- the more I see a crowd coming in, that’s when the nerves start coming in. The first open mic I did, I was literally shaking the microphone. I think the words came out correctly. I didn’t stutter or anything. I remember a lady who was sitting at the front that said, “Stop shaking,” and I was like, “Ma’am I can’t control it.” But now it’s the importance of the show makes me nervous, and that’s all good. I want that, I try to utilize that, and take that energy to the stage and have fun.

Danielle: That’s like, next level of your career. How would you describe your type of humor?

Brian: A kind of mix from all over the place. I like goofy stuff. I talk so much about how I hate puns and my closer has like three. I like dark. I like political. I don’t like heavy-handed political humor. I love Lewis Black.

Danielle: And I ask this of everyone-- What’s your favorite movie?

Brian: Wayne’s World... I would like to make my generation’s rated-R Wayne’s World.

Danielle: And what can the crowd look forward to for your show on Friday?

Brian: Well, me. But also I’m really happy that I got my buddy Mike Stanley headlining.

Brian Breckenridge has performed stand-up comedy for over ten years. He currently produces and hosts the comedy series “Laugh Your MASS Off” at Main at South Side in Fort Worth.

Danielle Seright is a graduate of The Dallas Comedy House training program, including improv, stand-up and sketch. You can catch her hosting the DCH Improv Jam, running tech for DCH shows, performing with improv troupe All In and doing stand-up around DFW.