Less Is More by Adolfo Gonzalez

All of my life, I always had something to say. I tell people that I didn't talk till I was five so I'm making up for lost time. I am lucky to having something at the ready, or at least I pretend that I do. However, there are times when you have to talk less and listen more.


Probably the most anxiety-inducing moments in social interactions (besides when does the open bar shuts down) are pauses in conversations. That burning feeling that you get at the back of your stomach that causes you to say all the unnecessary things you have to say. Like you're avoiding your ex at her brother’s wedding that he and the bride invited you to. Improv is the process of building off your partner. My classmates did a great job developing the relationships of the character with their expressions and mannerisms.

For me, the challenge was to let off the pedal so my partner can jump in. Whenever you treat someone like you have been friends forever even though you just met them; you going have an easier time to establish a connection with them. Worked wonders for me dodging my ex at that wedding...

We also worked on generating ideas. Like most people, most of my thoughts come out of nowhere. Like the time I thought would be a good idea to move using just a shopping cart. After working in media for awhile, I fell out of practice coming up with ideas and trolling the internet for material. Armed with this new knowledge, I am more confident with coming up with my ideas. So, be on the lookout for my podcast on dating and ethics called “Kant buy me love.”

Adolfo Gonzalez was a former radio producer for the number one sports talk show in Boston. Has come back to Dallas to start training as a comedian and content creator. You can follow him on twitter @AdolfoGonzalez and Instagram @AdolfoGonzalezJr.