The Jedi and Improv by Adolfo Gonzalez

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, there was a sect of space wizards called Jedi and they did it all! There were detectives, diplomats, marshals, trackers, and casual gamblers. They did all this to maintain peace and stability in the galaxy. There were two things the Jedi couldn't do: prevent the Sith from taking over the Republic and improv comedy.

Fake Star Wars characters during the Roast of George Lucas. 

Fake Star Wars characters during the Roast of George Lucas. 

They would be terrible scene partners.

The one thing the Jedi love to do is to say ‘no’ a lot. They cannot take this boy because he is too old. The Jedi cannot marry or fall in love. The Jedi won't make Master Anakin a Jedi Knight. When they do move a scene along they completely negate it! (Midicholarians anyone?) When they are not being negative Nerf herders, they just plain lie. Not telling a kid that his dad is still alive is not a good way to build trust.

They don't act on their emotions.

One of the pillars of the Jedi code is that emotions cloud judgment, so a Master must not act on his feelings.  A scene without any emotions is duller than the prequels. The Sith, on the other hand, is all about letting their feelings flow. The Sith want power; you better believe you're getting a game about power. Fear turns into anger, anger into hate, hate into comedy gold! Speaking of feelings, what exactly does Obi-Wan mean about reaching out with your feelings? Does it mean the same thing for the Sith?

They don't want anything

The Sith order is all about gaining power. You know the relationship between the master and the apprentice: a solid premise of attaining power. The Jedi have none of that. They do have a master and apprentice, but that’s just a teaching scene.  

What killed the Jedi order was not hubris, but not taking improv comedy classes.

Adolfo Gonzalez was a former radio producer for the number one sports talk show in Boston. Has come back to Dallas to start training as a comedian and content creator. You can follow him on twitter @AdolfoGonzalez and Instagram @AdolfoGonzalezJr.