Bits & Bites: Dot's Hop House

I maintain that the best way to prepare for stage time or improv class, is to just sit together, share a meal, and shoot the breeze. 

Introducing my buddy Ryan to the Duck Fat Cheese Fries on a Friday night before checking out some shows at DCH!

Introducing my buddy Ryan to the Duck Fat Cheese Fries on a Friday night before checking out some shows at DCH!

A few short years ago, Dallas Comedy House was not where it stands now. In fact, it used to be off of Commerce St, across the street from The Bomb Factory. Alas, in 2015, DCH packed up and moved to the current digs on Main street. After DCH's exit, a new place was opened in the space where it once stood, Dot's Hop House.

Dot's stands as a craft beer lover's Shangri-La, a place to be revered and paid pilgrimage to frequently. Inside the bar area, there are an impressive 99 taps, with a large number of rotators that change on a regular basis. Any style of beer you might want, can be found there.  There is also a second, outside bar that I have seen open on the weekends, which has around another 20 taps of local favorites.

The food is awesome, too! The Duck Fat Cheese Fries are not to be missed (and very sharable), and I highly recommend the Mexican Grilled Cheese with their Deep Ellum Voodoo Death Chili on the side. You can wash all this down with a nice beer… and believe me, you have options! Although the selection changes frequently, you can find everything from local favorites such as Revolver's Blood & Honey, Deep Ellum Brewing's Dallas Blonde, and Lakewood's Temptress; to out of town pleasers such as the Maui's Coconut Porter, Bell's Oberon, and the Oskar Blue's Death by Coconut. There's also a huge selection of whiskies and cocktails, if that's more your jam.

Dot's most defining feature is the huge outdoor beer garden; packed with picnic tables, lawn chairs, giant Jenga, cornhole, swings, and a very impressive chandelier. It's dog-friendly, and during the non-cold months of the year, the garden is a great place to gather with friends, toss some bean bags, and kick back with a cold one. I love this place so much that I have had several meetups with friends there, including my birthday party last year, and it always accommodates a big group.. If I have some time to kill on a sunny weekend, it's not that uncommon for me to head to Dot's, sit back in a lawn chair with a beer and my Kindle, and just enjoy a book and people watching.

Find your way down there some sunny day, and make friends with a nearby table over a beer. You'll be glad you did!

Josh Schneider is a level 4 improv student, and total nerd (like "super-hero level" nerd). Catch him for sampling culinary delights around Deep Ellum, and the Jam, every Tuesday night.