Announcing the casts of the latest DCH improv and sketch house teams!

The Wall Of Fame for DCH house teams.

The Wall Of Fame for DCH house teams.

Dallas Comedy House is proud to announce the latest additions to the house improv and sketch team program!

This past weekend, Ewing auditions were held to create two new house improv teams. Ewing Heat Wave will be coached by Ashley Bright (.f.a.c.e., Genie, Pretty People With Problems, Primary Colours, The Rift) and features Jeanine Blair, Stephanie Grogan, Matt Hartmann, Rashaad Leggett, Brittany Mason, Matt McClard, Flint Schneider and Josh Schneider.

Ewing Frost Bite will be coached by Emily Gee (Hot Swap, Impractical Magic, Photobomb, Pretty People With Problems, Topical Storm) and features John Dixon, Morgan McBee, Debbie McIlhany, Emily Moreland, Joel Motes, Ben Perez, Anna Gould Wright.

Each cast features a mix of students being placed on their first improv team and veteran performers that bring years of experience. Both of these teams will make their debut on Thursday, July 5th at 9:30 pm!

On April 21st, DCH held auditions to create the newest sketch house team, Walker Moon. The team will be directed by Ryan Goldsberry (Bulls On Parade 1&2, F*ck Marry Kill, Great! Expectations, Dream Team and Our Alien) and features Nate Ball, Chris Clements, Melanie Gotz, Adrian Lara, Raye Maddox and Danielle Seright. They will make their debut on Saturday, June 9th at 10:00 pm!

In addition to the new sketch team that was created, multiple players were added to existing Walker teams. Joel Moates will join Walker Herschel (Directed by Cody Hofmockel), Lucia Hardaway will join Walker Sky (Directed by Nick Scott), Kirstie Carrizales will join Walker Mall (Directed by Ashley Bright) and Shayne Philibert will join Walker Talker (Directed by Jonda Robinson).

Congratulations to all of these fantastic performers! For tickets to any of their upcoming shows, visit