Bits & Bites: Anvil Pub

When it comes to improv, a person's gotta eat… you have to feed the body before you can feed the soul with some good ole fashioned support. The best way to do that, is to sit down to some tasty vittles and connect with some other human beings.

Josh t aking part in old-school social media selfie with Paco, Ryan, and Lauren.

Josh taking part in old-school social media selfie with Paco, Ryan, and Lauren.

Long before Facebook and Twitter became the hub of all social life in our communities, one of the most popular social networks was the "Public House" or "Pub". These existed in almost every town big and small, and served much the same function: friends would meet and share (sometimes overshare) the intimate details of their lives, citizens would experience the latest zeitgeist and memes (they were less visual back then), and I'm sure somewhere, someone was showing paintings of the food they had eaten earlier that day. While we like to think that social media was invented in the last 15 years, it existed and thrived in the pubs of times long past.

Deep Ellum has its own pub, which opened up in November of 2010, the Anvil Pub. Anvil Pub is a pub in the truest sense of the word; a place where one can meet with the great thinkers and philosophers of the modern age, share a pint of tasty beer, some simple unpretentious food, and some engaging conversation. The beer selection is full of local favorites from the DFW area and some good out-of-towners, and changes frequently, so you can always find something new. The burgers are pretty awesome, and I highly recommend the grilled cheese (3 cheeses!) and a cup of the chili, especially during the winter months when the wind blows cold.

The real ingredient that works its magic at Anvil though, is the one that you bring with you… your friends! This is a chance to partake in a simpler, more magical form of social interaction: the pub conversation. Follow me on this: take one small group of friends, mix accordingly. Add a dash of conversation about your comedy projects, a pinch of work talk (be careful not to over-season, as a little of this goes a long way), and a heavy dollop of laughs and good times. Bring that to a nice simmer and let it cook low and slow for a good few hours. Stir well, mix in a little bit of local beer, and you have a recipe for a pretty nice soup that will nourish your soul for a solid week.

If that little cooking lesson sounds good, just wait till you experience it! Get on down to the Anvil Pub and try your hand at your own social soup.

Josh Schneider is a level 4 improv student, dad, code monkey, and the best darn singer… in his own car. Find him at restaurants in Deep Ellum and the Jam every Tuesday night, and in Heat Wave this July and August!