Interns of the Weeks: George Howington and Nathaniel Weathersby!

Raye Maddox here, Intern Manager, with another hot-hitting-fresh-off-the-press installment of Intern of the Weeks! Being an Intern has many perks, and one of the greatest is being able to be rewarded for doing great stuff! These two dudes got themselves a $20 DCH Bar-Card, 4 comp tickets to any show, and, of course, THIS. Without further hubble and bubble, let’s talk to George Howington and Nathaniel Weathersby.

On the Left: George frantically, but comically, scaling a tree to escape from a pack of wolves! On the Right: Nathaniel after being unmasked by the Mystery Inc. gang! And he would’ve gotten away with it too…!

On the Left: George frantically, but comically, scaling a tree to escape from a pack of wolves! On the Right: Nathaniel after being unmasked by the Mystery Inc. gang! And he would’ve gotten away with it too…!

Where is your hometown?

George: Winnetka, IL (Outside of Chicago)

Nathaniel: My hometown is Wesson, Mississippi; population 1,891 (2016).

What class are you taking? 

G: Improv Level 4!

N: I am currently in Improv Level 2 taught by Lindsay Power ft. TA Steve.

What’s something you’re passionate about?

G: I’m passionate about getting people to laugh and have fun. For me there is just something so rewarding about getting someone to laugh cause I believe that laughter is the best medicine. (Unless you need actual medical attention in which case go see a doctor cause I can’t cure the flu with a laugh)

N: Plants, dragons, and fantastical creatures. I can talk for an hours about each and love to hear stories, myths, oral histories about them. If you have a good one, please share! Plants, creatures, and the magic surrounding them is something that exists in every culture and sometimes bleeds between cultures and that bleeding is something in which I’m very interested. I believe that sharing stories is a great way to heal and teach; in addition, storytelling is just fun.

What’s the best food?

G: It varies. For me personally it’s all about what meal I’m having, so here’s my ideal breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast- Bacon, Eggs (over easy), hash browns, and coffee. Lunch- Gyro with a side of fries and a water/beer. Dinner- Steak cooked medium-rare with corn, creamed spinach, baked potato as sides with bourbon.

N: First you get some grapes. Wash them because ain’t nobody got time for diseases, infections, or bacteria transmitted by people who don’t wash their hands. Pluck them from their stem and place in a bowl of your choice. Wash again for good luck. Sprinkle with a light dusting of salt. (Or a heavy dusting; live your best life). Enjoy!!

What’s the worst candy?

G: Starbursts

N: Anything with coconut shavings. They hide out in the dark recesses of my mouth and jump onto my tongue like little crusty bull-riders when I’m least expecting. They die on my teeth and leave behind unnaturally flavorless and mildly crunchy ghosts that haunt my cheek flesh until I exorcise my insides with Crest. Whilst coconut is a flavor of which I am fond, the existence of those shavings have been a burden on my life causing me to be, frankly, very disappointed in every adult in my life for not protecting me from them as a child.

Favorite movie?

G: Rudy. I just grew up a Notre Dame fan so it holds a special place in my heart, but I’m a fan of any movie that shows someone overcoming the odds to achieve their dreams. Also the music in the movie and the whole last game ending gets me every time.

N: Pan’s Labyrinth. Not only is it a beautiful story but Guillermo del Toro showed his whole a** in the production of this film making it a wonderful feast for the eyes and brain. There are so many magical creatures whose roles in the story and society can be dissected and ruminated upon. (GdT is a boss at developing and executing amazingly weird and engrossing creatures). Pan’s Labyrinth definitely helps me become more comfortable with not knowing why certain things are happening in my life. Also, it includes everything I like; magical realism, the fae, a bit of gore, and a kiss of witchcraft.

What’s just the worst?

G:  That moment when you’re sleeping and you wake up because of a dream and look over at the clock to find out you have less than an hour until you have to get up for work. Also clowns.

N: That feeling right before or right after sleep where you are awake but not able to move and you know that off in the corner, just out of eyesight is something; just watching, breathing, smelling. Getting closer and closer. You try to scream but you can’t. You try to move but you can’t. All you can do is think and watch and wait. You can feel its presence, hear its thoughts and they are BAD. It’s gonna get you and it is going to hurt. Then you focus all your energy into a finger like a wimpy but weirdly attractive anime protagonist and move it just a little. As the movement rushes back into your body, the something just out of eyeshot scurries away back into the shadows until next time. Night terrors; they are just the worst.

What’s some good advice?

G: “Nothing good happens after 2am” - Ted Mosby

“All men between the ages of 18 and 29 are knuckleheads” - Dr John Howington (whenever I do something idiotic)

N: Always follow black cats; they have the best adventures. A good nature walk can work wonders. And learn how to love and value everything you are. (Working on that one, myself.)

George Howington knows how to be a House Manager. He quickly rose to that rank and is known for how well he G.E.E. every patron who walks in through the DCH doors! Sociable and a hard-worker, George is an asset to any crew and especially to the culture of DCH. Catch him on Thursdays!  

Nathaniel Weathersby has a certain southern charm to him, for sure. Always courteous and willing to go the extra mile, Nathaniel is a gem on Wednesdays! Catch him smiling at the box office or seating a patron with professional finesse! We haven’t found something he can’t do without a certain savoir-faire!

Raye Maddox is the Assistant to Theater Air Flow and Conditioning and the Intern Manager. He’s seen Solo, and that’s fun, but, y’know, Westworld is firing on all cylinders in his head. You can see him do improv in Midnight Passion, The Revenge Society, Deep Dish, and Kill Me Please. He also hosts the free monthly variety show Block Party every last Wednesday of the month!