Bits & Bites: Monkey King Noodle Company

Before you can do the really great stuff in life, ya have to eat. Sometimes, the best respite this life can offer is the company of good friends, a nice cold drink and some tasty warm food!  For today's tale, roll back the clock about a year ago, and let me tell you about one of my favorite memories.

On a warm night back in May of 2017, I picked up my friend Angela for an evening in Deep Ellum. She invited me to  an event at Deep Vellum Books, a small independent bookstore on Commerce Street, a reading from the Zine machine. The Zine Machine is a small gumball-type machine that dispenses small printed items, called Zines. On this particular night, the Zines were all photographs from local photographers with poetry or prose written on them from a group of local writers. It was the first time I had been to an event like this, and greatly enjoyed it. Angela also picked that event to introduce me to local coffee roaster Noble Coyote's Cold Brew coffee, which in my humble opinion, is the best cold brew coffee I've ever had!

After a few hours of filling our hearts and minds, we decided it was time for a walk to go fill the belly. It was on that night that Angela introduced me to Monkey King Noodle Company, now one of my favorite places to eat in Deep Ellum, just a block down Main Street from DCH.

First up, everyone needs an Angela in their life. I didn't know this place before, and not sure it would have hit my radar. Angela is amazing at finding things off the beaten path, and urging me to try them. If you don't have someone like that in your life, what are you doing? Find that person!

Second, the food is awesome. Monkey King Noodle Company, as the name implies, does noodles. I highly recommend the Hot Beef or the Spicy Garlic Peanut noodles… they're my favorites. I've also enjoyed sharing around the Soup Dumplings. Monkey King also has a selection of local beers, and a nice patio area for when the weather's nice. You can dine in or carry out, the food is just as awesome either way.

Since Angela turned me into a fan, I've come back here many times. I've gathered friends, my kids, classmates, and fellow performers there at least once every few months. Several people remark that it is one of their favorite Deep Ellum eateries.

If you haven't tried it yet, then let me be your Angela, and advise you to drop what you're doing, and go get a bowl of noodles!

Josh Schneider is a level 4 improv student, World of Warcraft player, and expert lampshade hanger (in the trope sense). Find him on Tuesday nights to dinner, the Improv Jam, or this summer, heating up Thursday nights in Heat Wave!