Bits & Bites: Twisted Root

Like I've said for the past few weeks, eating a meal together is one of the most pervasive, socially-accepted ways to commune as a people in any culture. While we all spend time feeding the body, there's a lot that conversation can do to help feed the soul. To that end, I've always made it my mission to sample as many of the restaurants in Deep Ellum with as many of my friends as I can muster every Tuesday night.

Twisted Root opened in Deep Ellum back in 2006, and has been a fixture of the neighborhood since then, and a common haunt for many of the long-time Dallas Comedy House alumni since its days as a neighbor on Commerce Street. I came to know Twisted Root a few years later, from the Richardson location, when my friend Robert took me there for lunch. Since my office moved near that location, it has become a regular lunch destination for good eats and cold beer.

Twisted Root is well known for burgers, but not just any burgers. They offer many different kinds of meat, from beef to exotic game such as Bison. The burgers are huge and amazing… with The Western being my favorite! The atmosphere of the place is not just laid back, it's downright comical; with customers being given the names of pop culture figures and characters in place of order numbers, quotes and stickers adoring the walls, and a general feeling of acceptance and camaraderie make it a welcoming place for a meal with friends.

This week, I gathered with Lu, Josey, Donald, Paco, and my 11 year old son Collin; and while we ate our burgers, a theme stuck out to me personally of passing on our love of comedy as a legacy. Collin attended DCH's Summer Kids Program, and on this dinner night, had just finished his second day of class. Our conversation all afternoon was filled with excited stories about what he learned, high-fiving and animated reenactments of scenes we saw his friends and him do during their show, and discussions on community and support in improv. Josey, on the other hand, works with me as an intern, and has been trying out Improv. Our conversation was filled with hopeful ideas of what the stage could be and could be for her, and smiles and laughs as we all told jokes and stories.

Lu, Paco, and Donald are different levels of something else I've felt-- friends I've met through this great experience of learning improv. Donald and I have been together in class for the last 8 months, Paco has been our Teaching Assistant for 2 levels now, and Lu has been a recent but steadfast fixture of my Tuesday nights for the past few months-- all of us brought together by our interest and love of all things funny and random; all accepting of each other for who we are and all looking for the laugh that will make us feel safe, secure, at home, and amongst friends.

That's the kinda stuff I live for!

Josh Schneider finishes Improv level 4 with his showcase on Sunday, June 24th at 6pm. Catch him every Tuesday having dinner in Deep Ellum, at the Improv Jam, or on Thursday nights this July and August in Heat Wave!