Interns of the Weeks: Grant MacManus and Jay Reed!

Raye Maddox here, Intern Manager, with your next batch of holistic, well-rounded human beings! If you read that and thought “Oh! He has got to be talking about Grant MacManus and Jay Reed!”, well, buddy, ding ding ding, chicken dinner, you are RIGHT! Grant and Jay were nominated by their house managers in the past few weeks as being Grade-A certified House Interns! Both have netted themselves a $20 DCH Bar Tab, four comp tickets to any show, and THIS:

On the Left: Grant insisting he feels fine and he’ll shake off this case of rabies in a day. On the Right: Jay being photobombed by some human in the back.

On the Left: Grant insisting he feels fine and he’ll shake off this case of rabies in a day. On the Right: Jay being photobombed by some human in the back.

Where is your hometown?

Grant: Dallas. I have left a few times and ended up back in Dallas each time.

Jay: I am originally from The Woodlands, a city (?) founded when the song Summer Girls by LFO got pushed into a vat of acid and became a place.

What level are you in?

G: Just wrapped up Level 2 Improv and heading in to Level 3 improv. I am obsessed!

J: I am in level 5.

What’s something you’re passionate about?

G: Empathy! Finding a path into the way someone else is experiencing, feeling, thinking makes everything in life better. Delightfully, it also makes improv and comedy great!

J: Over the past couple of years I've grown to appreciate silence/absence of music a lot more, because it's not as common as it probably should be. Why does everything need music blaring in the background? I feel the same as I would feel having someone constantly shoving potatoes in my mouth every time I go somewhere in public. It's constricting and not fun.

What’s the best food?

G: Cane Rosso Honey Bitch* pizza. More generally, Cheese is so great, so get some fried mozzarella as an opening act!

*Raye: Hi, Raye jumping in, if you didn’t know: Cane Rosso has a pizza called Honey Bitch. It’s their Honey Badger with PECAN LODGE BBQ on it. Wow. Back to the Interview.

J: The best food is Cane's, but I'm trying to go vegetarian so I guess ice cubes or something. No wait eggplant parmesan.

What’s the worst candy?

G: I am down with most all candy except for black licorice.

J: Tie between Skittles and milk chocolate. I didn't participate in this Q&A to make friends.

Favorite movie?

G: Crying Out Love in the Center of the World is a wonderful experience of a great story. Your body hurts from crying but you feel happy and fulfilled as you walk away.

J:  It's Such a Beautiful Day, a gorgeous, emotionally devastating animated film by idiosyncratic genius Don Hertzfeldt which has the most effective sound design I've ever witnessed. It also manages to say more about mortality and mental illness in just over an hour than Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd: Out of Control did in a slightly longer amount of time.

What’s just the worst?

G: Apathy! It is a good defense mechanism because it shuts out things that can cause pain but it shuts out everything worthwhile at the same time. It is self destructive and isolates you from the world.

J: Star Wars fans who don't like Star Wars. You fear change and it makes you not fun.

What’s some good advice?

G: "Don't do anything until you have to." We are always in a rush and busy trying to control things. Many things are easy if you allow life to reveal itself to you

J: "'Just be yourself,' I told them. This is always good advice, because it's so easy to do, and so easy to say." - John Swartzwelder

Grant MacManus is The Friday Man. He volunteers his Friday nights to be a solid intern but not only that! Grant is also rising to become one of the most solid members of the DCH community! Always down for a conversation to talk the craft, share a few words with him!

Jay Reed is always enjoying the beautiful days we are having in Texas. Follow him on instagram at jayreedtravelstheworld and talk to him about that on Thursdays!

Raye Maddox is the Assistant to Mayor of Boba Output and the Intern Manager. He’s recently seen Ant-Man and The Wasp and did you know the first track on the score is titled “It Ain’t Over Till the Wasp Lady Stings”? Wow, what a fun pun but why not make it “It ANT Over Till the Wasp Lady Stings”? You can see him do improv in Midnight Passion, The Revenge Society, Kill Me Please, and Gerald. He also hosts the free monthly variety show Block Party every last Wednesday of the month until the end of August!