Interns of the Weeks: Kaitlin Sands and Brittany Stahl!

Raye Maddox here, Intern Manager, with the penultimate Intern of the Weeks for Season 2! We’re launching towards one HECK of a finale, and what better way to kick down that door with two of the most bombastic and radical persons who you might see from time to time: Kaitlin Sands and Brittany Stahl! Our House Interns are the Bones and Gears of Dallas Comedy House and every week House Managers nominated someone on their crew for Intern of the Week! This prestigious position comes with four tickets to any show, a nifty bar tab, and THIS BLOG:

On the Left: Whose dog is this? Is it Kaitlin’s? On the Right: Brittany hearing a sick burn.

On the Left: Whose dog is this? Is it Kaitlin’s? On the Right: Brittany hearing a sick burn.

Where is your hometown?

Kaitlin: I am originally from King, North Carolina. I moved to Dallas 3 years ago!

Brittany: Good Ol’ Garland, Texas but I spend the school years up in Oklahoma City where I go to college at Oklahoma City University as a Dance and Arts Management major.

What level are you in?

K: I just started improv level 3!

B: Improv Level 1 with Scriven and Patty!

What’s something you’re passionate about?

K: My dog Zea! She is a precious little fluff ball and the best cuddle buddy in the world! I am definitely that obnoxious person who always talks about their dog and shows you pictures of my dog regardless of whether you would like to see her or not. If I could be a stay at home dog mom, then I would! Although, I do wish she would get a job and start contributing to rent, but we'll get there.

B: Creating. I love people who are always creating content in whatever outlet suits them, from artists to performers to people who write code or discover chemical formulas, and everyone in between. I love many areas of entertainment and the arts and it is difficult sometimes to choose where to focus my energy but the underlying current in all of them is a platform for making and creating and that is what gets me excited to get out of bed every morning!

What’s the best food?

K: Pasta! I want carbs and cheese always and what a better way to combine them than in pasta. Also, I like to think that pasta is the most versatile food because you can switch up the shape of your noodles to keep it interesting and you can add sauce made out of literally anything you want!

B: I looked at food pictures for a solid 20 minutes to try and answer this question, so sappy answer it is. The best food is food shared with someone I love.

What’s the worst candy?

K: People may think I am an alien for saying this, but I am not really a fan of any candy. Sweets and sugar aren't really my thing (unless it's soda, in which case I'm all in). If I had to choose the absolute worst of all candies I would probably say candy corn. Whoever made that candy was an evil, evil person. Candy corn is way too sweet and doesn't even look like real corn! If we want to eat candied corn I think we should just stick to cracker jacks. Whew, before answering this question I did not realize how passionately I felt about that.

B:  I once had this exotic foreign candy that tasted like Lysol and was covered in a grass like substance. I don’t know the name of it and had successfully suppressed the memory until this moment. (Also any Red Hot that is disguising itself as a Mike ‘n’ Ike is the purest form of EVIL.)

Favorite movie?

K: Forrest Gump! So, I own a collectors edition of this movie that comes in a box of chocolates! :) Gah, I don't even know where to begin about this movie. I just love how sweet Forrest is and how he genuinely cares about the people around him no matter how poorly they sometimes treat him. Also, I love the idea that a regular guy inadvertently has a hand in some of the most iconic and influential historical events throughout 50s, 60s, and 70s. I think overall the movie has a good message and it just feels me with such joy!

B: You’ve Got Mail, because why not? It has everything a person could ever want, it has a happy ending, it has Tom Hanks, it has a dog (who doesn’t die, like all the other movies that are trying to crush the human soul).

What’s just the worst?

K: People who congregate in bathrooms to fix makeup or have lengthy conversations. It drives me nuts, I just want to poop in peace! Is it too much to ask!?

B: Movies where the dog dies. Movies where the dog dies. Movies where the dog dies. (and stubbing your toe)

What’s some good advice?

K: To quote my favorite podcast, "pepper spray first, apologize later." I like to think its a pretty good rule of thumb! Oh, and also, "stay sexy, and don't get murdered." Is it too obvious that I love true crime podcasts?

B: These quotes stay in my mind on a daily basis:

“It is better to know how to learn than to know.” – Dr. Seuss

            Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly.

            Say yes.

            Stay close to people who feel like sunlight.

- but the best lesson I have learned thus far is to always be searching for words, or people, or situations that are going to inspire you and grow you. I have the responsibility for my own self to decide what I feed my brain every day and the language of my life will shape who I am and how I handle this crazy and intense world.

Equip yourself to see the light even if you don’t feel that you are in the dark because often times the person next to you on the train, or the person in the cubical across from you, or even the person you have chosen to spend your life with may be deep, deep in darkness in need of just a single flash of a smile to crack their whole world open.

Kaitlin Sands has been a great addition to her crew! One of our newer recruits, but who could tell? NO ONE CAN, YOU CAN’T! You’re shocked, right? Someday she’ll be the Best Intern of the Year, but until then, bask in her presence and her hard work!

Brittany Stahl is back off to College! Over the summer, Brittany worked double shifts every week, so you may have seen her twice in a week! What a treat! She’s definitely two interns in one, and so it was like having four interns working! But she’s off to college for the fall and gives us a goodbye by saying: “Anyways, h8ers gonna h8, potatoes gotta potate”

Raye Maddox is the Assistant of Printers and Faxes and the Intern Manager. He hasn’t watched a ton of movies over the summer, but y’know what? The Venture Brothers are back! Season 7, baby! You can see him do improv in Midnight Passion, The Revenge Society, Kill Me Please, and Gerald. He also hosts the free monthly variety show Block Party every last Wednesday of the month until the end of August!