Interns of the Weeks: Noah Lauer and Josh Edwards!

Raye Maddox here, Intern Manager, with the Final Intern of the Weeks for Season 2! The final two for this set of House Crew Interns! This week we are bringing on a whole new batch of friendly faces, so look forward to a whole new Season of this Blog Series! In the meantime, let’s get to know these two great dudes:

On the Left: Noah, The Boss. On the Right: Josh, The Hoss

On the Left: Noah, The Boss. On the Right: Josh, The Hoss

Where is your hometown?

Noah: Allentown, Pennsylvania. However, I currently reside in Richardson, Texas.

Josh: I'm from Rowlett, Texas.

What level of classes are you in?

N: I’m currently enrolled in Level 3 Improv

J: Currently level zero. I did not take a class this term however, I have signed up for Level 1 Stand-Up that'll start in the next couple weeks.

What’s something you’re passionate about?

N: Eating delicious food, sleeping and… life in general!! I try to enjoy life and experience as many things as I can.

J: I'm very passionate about comedy. There's no better feeling than being able to brighten somebody's day or cheer somebody up with a good joke or witty pun.

What’s the best food?

N: Sushi!

J: The best food is hands down... cheese. This gift from the gods can fit literally every culinary niche imaginable. Your pasta is a little bland and needs some flavor? Add parmesean! You have half a bag of stale tortilla chips that you found in the back of your pantry? Add some cheddar and mozzarella, stick it in the microwave, and you've got yourself some homemade nachos. Cheese can be sweet or savory, hard or soft, supporting role or the main character. No matter what the situation may be, cheese is always a solid option.

What’s the worst candy?

N: Snowballs. I don’t even know if they still make them, but they are marshmallows covered with coconut… it’s a disaster.

J: York peppermint patties are the worst candy. Who in their right mind thought that chocolate covered toothpaste was a good idea?

Favorite movie?

N: Geeze, it’s hard for me to pick a favorite, I’ll go with one of my favorite comedy movies, Happy Gilmore. It’s just a movie I think is hilarious, and is a staple in what shaped my sense of humor.

J: My favorite movie is Shrek. It was one of my childhood favorites and I still consider it to be a great movie. The plot line is brief enough for a child to comprehend, but complex enough to satisfy an adult mind. It is also riddled with innuendos that only more mature viewers would understand. I still find something new to laugh at every time I watch it.

What’s just the worst?

N: We went over this… it’s coconut covered marshmallows…

J: I honestly can't stand when I'm listening to a song on the radio or a performance and somebody feels the need to start singing along.

What’s some good advice?

N: Chase your dreams!!!

J: "Don't take life so seriously. It's not like you're going to get out alive."

Noah Lauer is The Man! Having completed his first months of being on a House Crew, he now has the face of a grizzled veteran intern. Always a friendly face and a helping hand, Noah is a great guy to have around DCH! He’s sticking around for another few months and you can find him on Wednesday nights!

Josh Edwards is The Dude! He drives quite the distance to come intern, and we couldn’t be more thankful for his lively spirit and hard-working attitude at DCH! Like Noah, he’s putting in another Internship for September and October so catch him on those Friday nights!

Raye Maddox is the Assistant of Assistance in the Assisting Division and the Intern Manager. You guys watching Venture Brothers? Huh? No? It’s on Hulu!! You can see him do improv in Midnight Passion, The Revenge Society, Kill Me Please, and Gerald.