Nothing Will Stand in the Way of My Creative Process!

Like everyone, I’ve got some real time-wastes in my life that keep me from being my most productive. But not this week! I’m cutting all of them out so I can realize my full creative potential! I’ll be journaling about my creative process to keep myself accountable.


Monday: Set my goal to write a short story this week. Decided the protagonist would be engaged, but unhappy. This made me remember that some celebrity mentioned the show 90 Day Fiance on some podcast once. Decided that ONE episode of ONE show will not do any harm. Fell asleep four episodes later. Oops!

Tuesday: Set a timer for one hour to work on my short story. Seven minutes into it writer’s block set in, so I decided to go for a walk. Somehow ended up on my couch with six more episodes of 90 Day Fiance down. Not going to beat myself up about it; seven minutes of progress is still progress!

Wednesday: Decided the main conflict of my story will be an internal struggle within the protagonist as she wrestles with what is more important in life, happiness or loyalty. Began to think, “Are the couples of 90 Day Fiance happy? Will they remain loyal?” I needed to know so I sailed into season four without actually writing anything down today. Gotta give yourself a pass every once in a while!

Thursday: Wrote down the name of my main character, Charlotte, but know little else about her. I wonder, “What does the future hold for her?” but then I also began to wonder, “What does the future hold for Jorge and Anfisa from 90 Day Fiance?” Kept watching; made it to the last season. A little worried about my lack of progress on my story, but I’ve realized that watching the show is simply research and has been a necessary part of my process all along!

Friday: Finished all of 90 Day Fiance and read every “Where Are They Now?” article I could find, which means I’ve completed that part of my process and can get to the writing part, which I’m going to get back to, right...wait...I just remembered that Jax Taylor got married this past weekend. I’m going to need to rewatch Vanderpump Rules from the beginning for the third part of my process. You simply cannot rush good writing, you know!

Jonda Robinson is a writer and performer living in Dallas, TX. She loves the way she feels in a ladies' cut polo.