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Without A Shield by Evey McKellar

Without A Shield by Evey McKellar

In Level 5 improv, our teacher asked us to write down three performers we admire. One of mine is a DCH favorite: Sallie Bowen. From her standup routine featuring the ‘south mouth’ to her hysterical character videos on YouTube to her wholly, beautifully-awkward commitment to the game anytime she’s on stage, I love watching her perform. I’m inspired by and in awe of the way she stands in her own being, how she holds vulnerability with such confidence, curiosity, and creativity.

The Culture of No by Evey McKellar

The Culture of No by Evey McKellar


Such a terribly unpleasant word to any improviser.

Even worse, when the no isn’t said, but it is felt.


Laughed at.







(CRUCIAL NOTE: I am not speaking in the context of the powerful and necessary ‘no’ that sets good and healthy boundaries. I am speaking about the ‘no’ that judges, discriminates, and cuts off some people from others and opportunities.)

You Are Welcome Here by Evey McKellar

You Are Welcome Here by Evey McKellar

I’m so nervous.

It’s my first Student Lottery. The lights come up after our suggestion of Popsicle; I hesitate. My mind is a complete blank for any initiation ideas. I freeze. I have nothing to offer.

Do you remember your middle school cafeteria?

Lunch in hand, I stand for a moment looking out across the tables. This moment may last seconds, but it feels like eternity. Why does it feel so awkward to look out across a room and find a place to sit?