#Ashtag Week #20: An Attempt to Gather Up the Year

Tis the season for end-of-the-year lists. I know we still have a few more weeks left of 2014, but this is week 20 of #Ashtag, which sounds like a strong, even number to do a "Top of the Year" list. Since we've only had 20 weeks of #Ashtag, that leaves 32 weeks un-turned. We could have, and most likely did, miss some significant pop culture. So this week, we will gather up the year's top Google searches, hashtags, music videos, and YouTube videos. Some of Google's top searches are divided into categories, such as Actors, Animals, and Athletes; the tops for those were Jennifer Lawrence, dog, and LeBron James, respectively. The categories get even more specific, like Chemical Elements, Business People, and DJ's; gold, Oprah, and Moby, respectively. Good for Moby, he beat out Skrillex and Deadmau5, who were both in the top 5 searches with him for DJ.

Ashtag 201

The top 5 list for Scientists were, in order from one to five: Stephen Wolfram, Albert Einstein, Jonas Salk, Thomas Jefferson, and Plato. Plato has a note next to his name stating that he is down two spots since last month. The list surprised me by having Wolfram as No. 1. The rest of the lists seem to have more mainstream number ones. Here is where I reveal that I'm not as brainy as you might believe. I don't think I've ever heard of Stephen Wolfram. After some research, I can tell you that he is known for his contributions to theoretical physics and once spoke as SXSW in Austin.

The top 5 list Space Objects, in order from 1 to 5, is Moon, Earth, Sun, Mars, and Pluto. Next to Pluto's name, it says up three from last month. Vengeance for No. 5, Plato! Pluto, Plato, both No. 5, you see what I did there. The No. 1 searched song on Google this year is "Happy Birthday to You." And with that, it is confirmed that I will not be learning much about pop culture with Google's searches of the year.

Ashtag 202

Two of the top hashtags of the year are #love and #beautiful. As sweet as that is, we won't be learning from that. So, we're moving onto the top music videos of the year. The No. 1 video this year is Katy Perry "Dark Horse ft Juicy J." I've heard this song many times, but I've never watched the video. Katy Perry reminds me of the villainess from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in this video. Or maybe it's the effects that bring me back to the Power Rangers. I'm not sure. There is a part where a fat suitor brings her Twinkies and Flaming Hot Cheetos. The Cheetos burn her tongue, and it upsets her. Boy, don't mess with magic. That's the lesson here.

Well, my attempt to soak up the year's pop culture in one week proved to be somewhat fruitless. I may dive into every best-of list that comes out in the next week and see what I learn that way. Oh, on another note, I am still lightly playing the Kardashian game. I have the option to buy my own private jet, but it would require spending real life money. #aintgonnahappenkim

Ashley Bright is a writer/performer at Dallas Comedy House. She’s a graduate of and an instructor for the DCH Improv Training Program. You can see her perform every weekend at Dallas Comedy House.