#Ashtag Week #21: This Time With a Tiny Bit of Sports

The big 2-1. Twenty-one weeks of #Ashtag, and a first is about to happen: I am going to dive into the world of sports. As with every other week, the top Google searches are littered with the names of sports teams and athletes. I have made it a point each week to tell you how I am avoiding the topic, but I've decided that it is clearly a part of popular culture that I can't just ignore. So, in I go. Ashtag211

The No. 1 Google search at this very moment I'm writing is Johnny Manziel. I've heard his name, and I've seen it sprinkled across other top Google search lists, as well as my Facebook news feed. I can tell you that he plays football due to his nickname "Johnny Football." That is the extent of my knowledge about this dude. Let's learn more.

OK, he went to Texas A&M. That explains why he pops up on my Facebook feed. I will tread lightly now as to not offend any Aggie friends. He appears to be the No. 1 search on Google right now, because he played terribly in his first game starting for the Cleveland Browns. Hype, man, it'll get you every time.

Have we all gotten our fill of sports now? Cool, let's move on. Kourtney Kardashian has had her third baby with Scott Disick. Can I say that this guy reminds me of Christian Bale in American Psycho? I feel like a meal with him would be really unpleasant, and you'd leave the table with an upset tummy. I obviously don't know the guy; he could be very nice. Either way, I have to move on because "Hip to Be Square" is now rolling around in my head and I'm feeling very unsettled.

So, a hashtag that is currently trending pretty heavily on Twitter right now is #whatIfindattractive. It seems to be pretty self-explanatory. People tweet about the things they find attractive or post a picture and throw on this hashtag. A user named Harry Potter Quotes uses this particular hashtag pretty frequently. One of his or her tweets just says, "Hogwarts letters #WhatIFindAttractive." This user @harry_ppotter has over 6,500 followers. I don't actually know if that is a lot of followers, as I'm still what you'd call a noob/non-user of Twitter, but that seems like a lot of people. I don't know. The more I dive into popular trends, the less I understand.


One of the top YouTube videos this week is Ariana Grande's "Santa Tell Me." This music video has a lot of Christmas pajamas and those hats that look like animal heads with the attached mittens. I've seen these hats around. I mean I guess it's convenient to have your hat attached to the mittens along with some neck coverage, but it just seems like you'd have limited mobility. Can someone report back to me on that? If you can move around pretty well, can someone get me one that looks like a wolf? That'd be bitchin. Oops, let's get back to the video. There is a split second where you see this really cool wrapping paper; I hope I find some like it. Also, the second half of this video is just outtakes of Grande and her pals goofing around, which incidentally, is all that the music video itself contains.

Since we mentioned a Kardashian this week, I feel like I should report my progress in the Kardashian Hollywood game. There hasn't been any. I haven't played in awhile, and I've been getting alerts that my fans missed me. I got lured before thinking there'd be some sort of celebration of my return and there wasn't. Fool me once, game. #butitislikelyiwillplayitagainsoon

Ashley Bright is a writer/performer at Dallas Comedy House. She’s a graduate of and an instructor for the DCH Improv Training Program. You can see her perform every weekend at Dallas Comedy House.