#Ashtag Week 9: A Buzz Within a Buzz

All aboard for this week's edition of #Ashtag. As with all previous entries, I find out what's popular on the Internet and share it with you, the loyal reader. Together we drink up today's pop culture strained through the filter of my unhip mind. Surge soda is back, and the Internet is abuzz with news of its return. In fact, the return is happening because of Internet buzz. A buzz within a buzz within a buzz. Tens of thousands of soda fans, who dubbed themselves The Surge Movement, petitioned for the return of the discontinued soda via social media. Their cries were heard. Surge is Coke's attempt to compete with Pepsi's Mountain Dew as the edgiest citrus soda around. As of now, Surge can only be purchased online, but if the Internet keeps up the soda buzz, Surge may have a triumphant return to store shelves.

Be careful when dancing "the Carlton."

Dancing with the Stars is back for another season, its 19th season. Out of 19 seasons, I believe I've seen a total of maybe 15 minutes of the show. It's a dancing competition where out-of-the-spotlight celebs pair up with ballroom dancers in an attempt to entertain America while regaining the adoration they may have once had. Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Alfonso Ribeiro, is on this season's cast. Apparently, he scored very high numbers this week with a near-perfect jive. I'd like to note that as a child I had perfected "the Carlton" dance from Fresh Prince. And at age 21, I injured my knee while doing it. I limped for a few days, because I hurt myself doing "the Carlton." Please don't think less of me.

Tommy Chong, another contestant on this season's Dancing with the Stars, is also a top search this week. He's not allowed to show any pot leaves or bongs, but he considers himself to be a walking/dancing pot leaf. He says he and his partner will be wearing a lot of green in an effort to support medical marijuana. Sparkly, sparkly green.

#Ashtag is a place for learning and healing.

The top video on YouTube this week with over four million views is "Kanye West Sydney wheelchair misunderstanding," which like the top videos of previous weeks, spells out exactly what happens in the video. A concert-goer's phone captured Kanye ordering all of his fans to stand up before he continues with the show. He even makes mention of the wheelchair, but still continues to hold out until everyone stands. I suppose if anyone believes they can make someone in a wheelchair stand, it's Yeezy. Or Benny Hinn. Benny Hinn is a popular televangelist known for faith-healing and Yeezy is one of Kanye West's nicknames. #ashtag is a place for learning, you guys.

One of the top music videos this week is Red Cafe's "Pretty Gang." At first, I wasn't sure if Red Cafe was a group or an individual or an eatery. I did a search. Red Cafe is an individual rapper and has been around for quite some time. He even had a song on the Coach Carter soundtrack way back in 2005. His current hit, "Pretty Gang" is a song about pretty girls and sippin on XO. The video features pretty girls twerking and bending over chairs, as pretty girls in a pretty gang would be wont to do.

A top hashtag on Twitter this week is #4goodthings. People list four good things in their life at the moment and then use this hashtag. One of my favorite lists that I saw for #4goodthings is "FFA stock shows, bae, chicken fried steak and the lake." That is a solid list. If I had a list of my own #4goodthings, it would include reading that list of #4goodthings. A buzz within a buzz within a buzz.

As you've come to expect each week, I do have an update on the Kardashian game. My playing time has significantly decreased. I mistakenly started a photo shoot before I went to sleep. The job ended when I only had one star, which is terrible. A work contact broke up with me because of my low scoring gig. #maybeImbecomingnormalagainandthisgameisslowlyleavingmylife