Claims of Actor Cruelty Delay Film Premiere

Dennis Quaid January 27, 2017 (Los Angeles, CA) – Just days before the new family-friendly film A Dog’s Purpose was set to premiere, a scandal broke out with accusations of actor cruelty, a theme that has become all too familiar with today’s movie studios pushing for the ever-elusive box office hit. It seems for one actor things may have finally gone too far.

Leaked video from A Dog’s Purpose surfaced Monday morning showing acting veteran Dennis Quaid being forced to stay in a scene with a canine and being verbally yelled at by the production crew. The footage can be found on TMZ’s website, and a portrayal of the account will be illustrated below. Children and actor lovers alike are encouraged to stop reading here.

Dennis QuaidThe video starts off in a country field on a sun-filled day. Quaid enters the scene wearing blue jeans with a white t-shirt tucked into them, smiling, of course, as actors are prone to do. Then as Quaid’s four-legged scene partner Cooper enters things become lively. A clearly distressed Quaid quickly tries to back out of the scene over fear of Cooper. The director calmly asks, “What’s going on Dennis? You just have to pet him.” Quaid is then visibly forced back on camera to pet Cooper by stage hands as one yells, “Come on man, we’ve been here for hours.” Finally, Quaid yells out “Denny no likey doggies” and runs off the set.

The video only lasts a minute, but the effects will remain with Quaid for a lifetime.

“Yeah, that was a tough day for me,” Quaid recalled. “Of course, I had let the production company know that I was afraid of doggies, but they said it wouldn’t be a problem and that there were no intense scenes. So naturally, I expected not to see any doggies on shoots. I figured they might use some real doggies in other scenes of the film, but not with me. Everything is so CGI’ed these days I assumed it wouldn’t be that hard.”

When reached for comment, DreamWorks replied, “The title literally has the word ‘dog’ in it.”

Actor rights groups have voiced outrage over the incident. One organization, Actors are People Too (APT), has even gone so far as to seek legal counsel for Quaid. APT representative, Laurie-Anne Galway, avowed, “Until further notice the film will not be seen by audiences. Dennis, his agent, and the rest of the acting community are tired of the conditions actors are forced to work in.”

After the involvement of APT, DreamWorks released a statement late Thursday saying that “compassion and concern” were shown to Quaid after his irrational and childish fear of dogs was learned. The production company also detailed “many hours” of rehearsals and training given to Quaid before any actual dog was ever brought on set.

Despite fan protest, neither the film’s director, nor Cooper, have yet to comment on the video. There also has been no timetable given by DreamWorks when A Dog’s Purpose premiere will be. So far the movie’s uncertain future has left many eager fans obediently waiting at home until they hear the new release date for the sure-to-be tearjerker.

Anthony Salerno was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. He is a current DCH student and has performed with German Harmony and Titanium. When he’s not working at his day job, he’s rocking out to Led Zeppelin and rooting on his hapless Buffalo Bills.

(Top image: EllenTube)